My son has jaundice he is 5 days old and I am breastfeeding. Is there way that I can get rid of it at home without having to quit breast-feeding

Olivia N 2 likes

Sit by the window, let the sunlight in

Sarah T 1 like

Keep him by the sun. Like put his bouncer or bassinet by a window. Just don't blind him or sweat him out lol. They didn't do the billy lights in the nursery?

Roseanna S 6 likes

Breastfeeding is the best way to get rid of it. That and letting him sit in the sun.

Andy 2 likes

Feeding helps jaundice so feed away! And sunlight as others have mentioned.

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Brittney E 2 likes

Window and feed feed feed feed!!! My baby has jaundice too. :(

Gunner Danger's M 2 likes

Frequent on demand ️breastfeeding is the best way to clear it up. Talk to your ped about adding a vitamin D supplement especially if it's not sunny where you live.

Jenny D 2 likes

Sunshine☀️ Don't quit breastfeeding, you want him to poop, poop, poop out the toxins💩 Jaundice is very common, but if it gets bad enough where you do need a light, they doctor can give you one to use at home if necessary. Some babies need to go back to the hospital so I might get baby looked at if LO looks really yellow.

Codi P 0 likes

The doctor has me coming back Monday to see if it has worsened and he said if it has that I have to quit breast-feeding for couple days. I live in Florida so sunlight isn't a problem I've been sitting by the window all day with him

Codi P 0 likes

I really don't want to quit breast-feeding I'm scared I'm going to quit producing because i can't seem to pump enough

Marianne M 2 likes

Definitely don't quit breastfeeding. That will help pass the bilirubins from his system. Agree, if you can sit in a sunny window or if you have any full spectrum bulbs, that will help. Just protect his eyes. My dd was under the lights in the NICU for a few days and had her glamor shades on the whole time. At 5 days, lo is only eating about an oz at a feeding. You're producing enough.

Rachal H 1 like

See if you can get a biliblanket prescribed to you. We kicked jaundices ass in two days 😃

Liz J 1 like

It depends on his level of bilirubin. If it's not that high then sunlight will do the trick but really you should see your dr. He may need phototherapy which is light therapy. They have "Bili blankets" which is medical equip that u can take home to wrap your LO one...your dr would prescribe but again it's depends on how bad the jaundice is. You need to keep breastfeeding. I use to sell phototherapy, hope this helps. ☺️

Stephanie S 3 likes

I don't understand why you would need to stop breastfeeding? My doctor told me to feed as much as he would latch and my LO's levels went back to normal super fast he is eight days old today and his eyes are even white already

Kayla W 2 likes

My son is 5 days old and had jaundice as well. The doctor said breastmilk and sunlight should help it go away. If not just bring it up at your well baby check up which is usually when they are a week old.

Brittney E 2 likes

Breastmilk is the best thing for the baby. Talk to a lactation consultant and get a second opinion. Mine told me that to quit breastfeeding is actually worse for the babys bilirubin levels.

Codi P 0 likes

Ya his eyes are yellow and I wondered the same thing. I'm going to ask about the bili blanket. How bad is too bad to wait though. When should I go to the hospital

Sophie's mom 1 like

Sunshine :))

Austin S 1 like

When my son was 4 days old he had a dr appointment and they ended up calling us to get him back to the hospital. They put him under the lights and he was only allowed out to breastfeed. I'm surprised they want you to stop. My hospital wanted me to try my best to continue breastfeeding

Autumn B 1 like

Sunshine. And breastfeeding will help please don't quit

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