My son has done it again. Woke up in the middle of the night and is now too tired to wake up and get ready. They went back to in person teaching and it's Too early to call and say he's Simply too tired to wake up for school. I don't Know what to do in this situation. He can't Wake up and stay awake.

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How old is he? My oldest is 12. And when he does this same thing over the years I make him get his butt out of bed and get ready. And he also loses items at home. I would never call the school and say he's too tired to attend. If he's Too tired for in person school it won't Be any different doing virtual. It will be much harder.

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Make him get up and give him a banana for energy. What time does he go to sleep? Diffuse some lavender in his room to help him relax and sleep

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