My son had cradle cap for the first 6 weeks. After that we finally got it under control and it went away almost completely. Now at 10 weeks it's starting to come back. Any suggestions on how the keep it from coming back after we've nipped it In the butt again?

Charidy B 0 likes

For my daughter I would give her a bath and use a soft bristle brush on her scalp then once out of the shower I would put some baby oil on her scalp to as well as brushing her scalp again. You don't want to use so much that it's dripping off but enough to completely cover the scalp. I still do that sometimes just to keep her scalp moist.

Cheyanne J 0 likes

Use olive oil, but nothing will keep it from coming back. But if you see it happening again just oil that little head up, let it sit for bit than wash out.

Charo C 0 likes

I would wash their hair everyday and put baby oil you could also use a soft baby brush

Christina R 0 likes

I used the mustella cradle cap stuff and it worked wonders on my twin boys :-) maybe try that, we also tried the baby oil never really helped it :-(

Christina S 0 likes

Brush his hair everyday to loosen the little flakes & put some coconut oil. No baby oil, it has mineral oil which isn't good.

Crystal H 2 likes

Don't wash every day. That strips away the oils they already have in their skin and can lead to drying out and then cracking and infection. Just use a soft brush in circular motion to loosen dry pieces and when you have to bathe him make sure you wash well and rince VERY well. Babies only need to be bathed about 2 times a week until they're 6m old to prevent drying out their skin

Nicolle C 1 like

Extra virgin olive oil. A limitless on about 20 mins before bath and then while in bath use a wash cloth or soft brush and rub the area. It helps a lot

Mommy T 0 likes

Thanks everyone. He only gets a bath once or twice a week. We used baby oil to make it go away like his dr said so I'll have to do it again. I was brushing his hair every morning but he hated it so I only did it before during and after baths. I'll start my morning routine again

Sarah H 0 likes

Coconut oil brush what little hair he has daily and wash his head with baby shampoo not the head to toe baby wash my daughter had the same and we got it cleared up we no longer do the coconut oil but we brush her hair daily and wash her head with baby shampoo

Sarah H 0 likes

We also bath only a few times a week

Emma L 1 like

I didnt ever wash their hair till like a 6 months old just wet and kinda scrubbed with a washcloth

Jessica C 0 likes

I agree with Nicolle Cappello. Olive oil with do the trick. It's natural so you don't have to worry about weird stuff you don't know about on your baby. Try it before every bath. My baby is 3 months now and she's getting a cradle cap again. Not that heavy but it's there. It's normal for them to get it. Don't bathe your baby too much like others have mention. It will remove their natural oils and they'll have dry skin.

Jessica C 0 likes

*will do the trick

Jenn S 0 likes

Baby lotion may help

Katelyn L 0 likes

Toothbrush a little baby oil on scalp gently scrip it in and let sit a moment. Then Dove unscented wash on hair. Make sure you don't get in baby eyes!! My doctor recommended it. It went away and stayed away quick.

Marissa L 1 like

My baby had it for a long while. I washed her hair everyday with baby oil in the bath and gently rubbed away the dried skin with a washcloth and baby oil. It worked great and went away quickly.

Tracy M 0 likes

My daughter had this Olive oil works let it sit for 15 mins then soap and brush it while he in the tub with the soap on his head and wash it out .

Christine L 0 likes

Olive oil!

cheryl r 0 likes

I have a 3 month old and we use baby oil. we leave it in for about 5 minutes then give him a bath. we don't bathe him everyday but we've been putting baby oil on his head the past 3-4 baths and it's just about cleared up

Fun M 0 likes

Try the Johnson's baby oil gel its in a green or brown tube oil his hair up,brush it through his scalp and let it sit and once u wash it it will disappear completely .. The thing is you have to keep it oily daily , strange but it works

April M 0 likes

I used baby oil on my daughters head. It was saver than vegetable oil for them. My daughters cradle kept was off and on until she was about 4.

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