My sister in laws fiancé is Irish so for their wedding all the guys who are in the wedding are going to be wearing kilts. My boys are the ring boys and they are refusing to wear the kilts so we got them tuxedo pants and they are still refusing 😩😩 it's either tight or too long (so they say) I'm thinking about bribing them with something lol any ideas?

Amanda O 5 likes

Tell them they can change as soon as the ceremony is over.

Mommy And M 7 likes

Lol this wedding just gets better and better. You just post pics

Yusimi V 3 likes

Mommy And Momma my thoughts exactly lol

JVP 5 likes

RC ❤️ we had our kids change right after! Immediatley into comfy clothes!! It worked.

RC 2 likes

Yusimi VM Mommy And Momma lol 😂 I will definitely post pictures

J. L 3 likes

Tell them they can change immediately after and if they leave their kilts or pants on they'll get a big lollipop! 🍭

RC 3 likes

J. Lynne lollipop is a great idea!

J. L 0 likes

My daughter was the flower girl in a wedding in California when she was 2. It was an outdoor wedding & It was a long walk! Thankfully she was walking with the ring bearer, but I told her if she stayed with him she would get a lollipop at the end. Worked like a charm! I got her one of those spiral long ones.

Ashley M 0 likes

When I was six, I was the flower girl in my uncles wedding. I have always hated dresses, even as a kid. So someone had to bribe me with $20 to get me in the dress. (this was 1996, so $20 was a lot of money) there is a photo of me standing on the altar with the bridal party gleefully clutching that crisp $20 in my hand. My uncle still has it framed hanging on his wall over 20 years later! 😂

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