My sister fed both my babies her milk as infants, as I wasn't able to. She has since been able to give 5 ounces a day for each (pumped) for years now as she has been nursing for 6 years straight. My 6 year old and 3 year old have had her milk their entire life. Their father thinks this is “concerning” that I still give it to them. I feel that it is a cleaner, healthier and better choice than cows milk. My kids don't know the difference. What do you think?

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It's What u think but have u tried plant based milks? Or making your own almond/ oat milk? That way you know exactly what's Going in it and it can ease his mind. If they’re eating well and are healthy U should maybe listen to your husbands thoughts a little more.

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Try hemp, oat, coconut, rice, soy, hazelnut , cashew or almond.

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SSZ Mel Marie Thanks for the suggestions, but honestly, I have the opportunity to give my kids healthy, clean milk filled with adult antibodies. There is nothing comparable

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I'm Just wondering is your sister currently feeding her children? I just hope she’s not pumping just to give your 3 and 6 yo 5oz a day. I think it's Whatever your comfortable with. But I also think dad should have a say.

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girlmom x3 she pumps over 30 oz a day for her older kids as well as breast feeds her own baby. So she has plenty of extra milk. I agree that dad should have an opinion, but we’re not going to agree so I will just make my own decision on this. Their dr agrees with me. A child’s immune system is not fully developed until around 8 yrs old, so I will continue to give them what they are familiar with. I guess I was looking for some validation here but that’s ok if not. Thanks for the responses

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