My poor little guy is teething again :( He was feeling pretty miserable tonight, I felt so bad! I've tried the Oragel naturals which I think helps. He's sleeping now but for future reference...has anyone ever given their LO baby Tylenol for teething or is that not recommended? Any other suggestions? Some things helped like putting frozen fruit in one of those mesh teethie things but only for a few minutes.

Rachel V 1 like

Yes Tylenol is good to give for teething. Over 6 months, they can have Motrin as well. I've been using both for my son's teething.

Britney S 1 like

How old is he? My daughter started teething at 5 months and her doctor told me I could give her between 1.75-2ml of baby Tylenol. I would call the pediatrician just to make sure what dosage. Also sticking a dry washcloth in the freezer for a bit and letting him chew on that help a little. Good luck!!

Kelly L 1 like

I use Tylenol also and I know they said not to put the teething things in the freezer but my dr said it was ok and that works so much better.

Hailey E 1 like

Try putting the teething ring in the freezer for a hour. Get it real cold and let him teeth on it. The coldness will numb the pain in his gums and relieve pressure.

Sarah L 1 like

I put a teething necklace on mine at 4 months and replaced it every three. It cuts down on inflammation, pain and teething. Try Never used pain meds. Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces.

Sarah L 0 likes

Inflammation, pain and drooling**

Melissa C 1 like

The pharmacist told me use baby Tylonol first, and if it doesn't work, then oragel.

Trisha C 0 likes

I always had the best luck with children's Tylenol (I'm sure Motrin would work well also). Dosage is based on weight of baby so check with your doc first.

Amanda A 0 likes

Thank you all so much! He just turned 7 months. I know he would take 2.5ml because his pediatrician suggested that dosage if he needed it when getting his shots. But wasn't sure if it would help for teething or if it would be okay to give. Also thanks for the amber necklace suggestion, I'll look into that too!

Lish G 0 likes

Yes Tylenol for teething

Lindsey H 0 likes

I was told not to give them Tylenol they need to have the fevers of when a tooth comes through frozen wash cloth or finger brush

Beth E 1 like

Yes on Tylenol for teething. Our doctor also recommended Infant Advil around the same time, staggered. Just check with the doc for dosing at each visit as it changes with age.

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