My poor baby girl woke up and has gotten sick. Shes 5 months old. From your mommies experience, if i was to take her to the doctor, would the doctor prescribe medicine? Or send me home? Shes not coughing or anything just congested. What can i do to help her get better? Poor thing

Olivia H 1 like

They'd probably send you home if she's just congested. Babies are supposed to get sick. It builds a strong immune system. Just run a hot shower with the door closed and let the room steam up. Sit in there with your baby for a little while and it will help clear her up. I learned after my first one that runny noses and small fevers aren't worth a trip to the doctor and they do good in the long run anyways.

Kaitlin C 1 like

I would hold out on the dr for just a little. I always steam up the bathroom and take my baby in there with me, I've even just sat in the shower with her and it seems to loosen the mucas a bunch. You could also get a saline spray made for babies. I can't remember the brand, but it's at target they have an all natural cold medicine that helps get rid of mucas to I've used it on my daughter and it works.

Jen P 1 like

Try a humidifier for the congestion. If she doesn't have a fever there is probably very little they will do.

StrangeOwl 0 likes

Are you breastfeeding?

Lorena N 2 likes

She is probably congested due to teething. My son gets like that.

Mommy O 0 likes

Thank you ladies! I will try steamy showers and saline.

Momma S 1 like

Try not to let the mucus sit in there if you can help it. Keep it moving. Your LO could get a sinus infection, and if it doesn't get treated properly may spread to the brain

Momma B 1 like

Zarbees all natural mucus reducer (Walmart)... Safe for infants! I gave it to my daughter since she was two months old and really helps.

Patti T 0 likes

What Lorena said... Teething is possible! πŸ˜„

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