my one year old does not want to potty train ive tried little girl undies and pull ups and leaving her with her soiled undie so she can feel uncomfortable but nothing any suggestions shes smarter than her age but she just doesnt want to let go of the diapers ?

Sara S 3 likes

Why are you in such a hurry? Many children are not developmentally ready until they are at least 18 months old. That is on the early end. Many babies are not ready until 2.

Marianne M 2 likes

One is pretty young for potty training. Most kids are closer to 2 or even 3. Trying to push it can really cause some problems and delay her. She'll show interest when she's ready.

Kristin J 0 likes

1 is still very young. When I worked in daycare the smarter kids are the ones that were in diapers until they were almost 3. Idk why but it always seem that way.

Krista M 1 like

I think one is too young...try again in 6 months to a will probably work a lot easier when she understands bodily functions better :)

Jennifer D 0 likes

Sounds like she is not ready! I would go at her pace...

A V 1 like

She's probably just not ready. I potty trained my boys when they turned 2 and they were 100% off diapers in a week. I never used pull ups.

Miss K 0 likes

She is too young to be potty training. Even 2 years of she is early for potty training but possible. One year is not possible because kids can't not control their urine until age 18 mos

Trena T 1 like

My son didn't want to potty train until he was 2 months from turning 3. He's been fully potty trained, but just working on night time training. He's 3 years and a month old.

Jennifer M 1 like

Potty training can be traumatic if you push them so if she isn't responding then she isn't ready. You don't want to scare he or make her dislike it because the process will take even longer.

BoyMom 0 likes

One is too young for most kids. I would wait until closer to 18 months-2 years old

Adonya W 1 like

I disagree my daughter was potty trained before she turned two. What I used to do was give her treats for sitting on the potty I would let her watch me potty, so she knew it was what she had to do I just made it something that she enjoy doing and now she does it I don't even have problems with her peeing in the bed.

Amanda D 0 likes

My boys didn't train until closer to 3, my daughter was 2 1/2. One is very young to start unless she is the one pushing to start. I would stop for another 6 months and try again, if not wait another 6 months.

Moraima S 0 likes

Don't rush your lo one year old is early like other mom said 18 month old is the normal and it is still early for some lo's. Give her some time you'll know when she's ready. She's a cutie pie! 😊

stef m 1 like

thank you ladys i guess ima let her take her time good news though she went potty all by herself today she just forgot to flush 😊

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