My newborn is leaving me beyond exhausted. Any tips/techniques that work for getting them to sleep for more than like 2.5 hours at once?? He's only 3 weeks but I don't really have help & my toddler keeps me busy on top of it all. 😳 How long til your newborn slept for a little longer stretches? (Don't need to hear "mine slept through the night from the beginning" right now yall)

Amanda T 0 likes

Have you tried a swaddler?

Allie J 3 likes

Mine didn't sleep longer than that until we started co sleeping. I don't know if that's an option for you. In his own crib he didn't start sleeping longer than that until 2 1/2 or 3 months. But I had to cosleep in order to get any rest just be careful if you do

Danie M 1 like

My son was about 4 or 5 weeks when he started sleeping 4 hours then 8 hours when he was 8 weeks so hopefully the same will be with you soon and if not load up on caffeine if you're not breast feeding.. Good luck

Steph B 1 like

Yeah he's swaddled.. I'm never too quiet during the day so he can hopefully start differentiating day from night 😣

Happy M 3 likes

The nurse once told me to take them out between the hours of three and four to get five minutes of sunshine and that helps them be able to fall into a deeper sleep later. Also, cluster feeding in the evening before they go to bed seems to help. Above commenter is correct -- They do seem to sleep longer if they are co-sleeping. Hope it gets better!

Christina K 1 like

That's just life with a newborn!

Steph B 0 likes


Danie M 1 like

Have you tried white noise?

Lea C 0 likes

I had to nurse mine twice a night till she was 4 months old... Then my pediatrician said that I could give her some cereal at supper time (because she was hungry!) It took a couple of days and she went from waking twice a night to sleeping from 7pm to 4:30am. Hang in there! I was totally losing it some nights, but eventually our babies mature and sleep longer stretches.

Gabrielle F 0 likes

My son is four weeks old and he won't fall asleep at night unless he's laying on my chest and then I put him in the bassinet, I don't know if that is something you can do but it works for me

Kayla P 0 likes

My daughter wouldn't sleep at all until we started co sleeping.... Try swaddling, waiting to feed until it's time to go to sleep, pacifier, lullaby music in the bedroom

Kayla P 0 likes

But mainly, my daughter didn't start really understanding night time vs. day time until she was about 6 weeks. Until then, it was no sleep for my husband and I. She would wake up every 2 hours

Bri 2 likes

I've been there.. I've cried cause I was so tired!!! But in reality there is no 'secret' to make you baby sleep. Just give it time. Try to take naps if you can get someone to watch your LO's.. Man I feel for you right now.. Best of luck

Sarah U 0 likes

Took me three months it just happened over night went from every three to sleeping like 8-12 hours

Tara R 0 likes

Try white noise if you haven't 😊

J B 1 like

My daughter was around 2.5 months when she started sleeping for 5 hour stretches. I know it's exhausting, but babies have such tiny stomachs, they really do need to be fed that often. You have a toddler, try to remember it gets better with age.

Denise A 0 likes

My daughter slept all night starting at 3 weeks but.... And that's a big but. At 5 months she started really bad anxiety so with in an hour she's up I of corse give in and put her in bed with me an she's still up every couple hours looking for me. My son was the same way but he was like that from birth to 3 1/2. Just keep thinking theirs always something worse

K R 1 like

I agree with co sleeping! That's exactly what I didn't the first 4-5 weeks, she's 7 weeks now & sleeps a little longer on her own but if she's having a bad night I stick her in bed with me

Tonya M 1 like

My son never slept longer than 2-3 at a time when he was a newborn! Still doesn't!

Krys S 0 likes

My LO slept in a bassinet for about 4 weeks and he was up practically every 1-2 hours to feed. Every time I put him down it felt like 15 mins past and he was up again. We tried so many things to get him to even relax i.e. bouncing, swaddling (he hated it), walking around, white noise. I finally tried letting him sleep in his crib and he finally slept 3-4 hours straight, and now at 14 weeks 6-7 hours.

Krys S 0 likes

(Cont.)Try different things, it's all trial and error. All babies are different. Hang in there, you'll hopefully soon find out what your LO likes.

Franny E 0 likes

Newborn will wake up a lot they're belly is so tiny they need to keep filling it! That's why they say newborns do diapers more than any stage... They poop a lot and will constantly Wake up to sleeping is best during this time that way it's easy for both! Until 4/5 months then maybe you can try sleep train good luck

Baby M 0 likes

Every baby is different. Some never sleep thru (my oldest was over 2). Cosleep, do what you have to to get some rest💕

Mama D 0 likes

I'm at 9 months with my son and there's nights when he sleeps through and nights when he's up every 3-4 hrs. He started sleeping really good at 3 months , but that all went out the window at 4 months

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