My MIL is driving me crazy. She keeps buying clothes for my boy that are too big. Course by time he can wear them it will be out of season. Her excuse is her son wore a larger size. And she buys toys for 18mo and up and then gets mad when he wont play with it. He is only 5 months old!!

Roslee D 0 likes

That is so annoying. My mom said she always had my siblings and me in clothes that were twice the size of our age. Like when I was 6 months, she had me in 12 month clothing.

Sara S 4 likes

In store credit... Followed by, " now where did that go"?

Elizabeth D 1 like

I'd just let her know in a nice way that it's your son. Not hers and that you want him to wear the clothes that will fit him. Or at least be in season when it will fit him. As for the toys, I don't have much advice for that. I mean they put ages on toys for a reason! Lol not to be mean. But that would be annoying.

Kestin M 0 likes

My mother in law is the same way. Isn't it lovely?

Lori A 0 likes

I tried telling her nicely and she got mad and cried(she is a piece of work so that wasn't surprising) and told me if I didn't want them to give them back and she will give them to someone who will appreciate them.

Annie P 0 likes

Let her have fun! Don't say anything. I don't know how often you see her, but if that makes her happy key her have it!!!

Mommy Of T 0 likes

Wish i could like this question. Right there with ya.

Sweet A 1 like

Can you return them to the store and get store credit? I was once really good for that. 😈

Loe D 1 like

Mine does the same thing, only she buys boys clothes for my daughter!! Like wtf is with these ppl.. They had their turn with their own kids! Let us have ours!

Tara B 0 likes

I would just sell them eBay

Diane A 0 likes

Awww I think it would be worse if they didn't love their grand baby so much! This just proves they are always thinking of them. My MIL always brings my DD clothing and toys and the clothing range from ALL sizes. I have storage containers full in my basement and every so often I go "shopping" through them and pull out the new stuff. Same with the toys. I know it's just because they love her so much and that warms my heart. 😊

Lori A 1 like

It would be nice if she were actually trying to be nice, she has seen her only grandchild maybe 5 times and she lives less than 10 miles away. It has to be her way or no way. She is depressed and an alcoholic so I try to be understanding of her but sometimes it's just hard! Especially when she makes me look like the bad one.

Britney C 0 likes

I would go exchange and get his size.

Linsi M 0 likes

At least you can put the toys away for when he's older. I'd either return or exchange the clothes or reiterate what size your LO wears right now. Or say "gosh, by summer he'll be in (enter size here) I can't believe it, he's getting so big! He's definitely going to need some new clothes!"

Mommy Of T 0 likes

Loe Garcia! Omg all my in laws do that!! Its like they wished my daughter was a boy. They always bought her boy clothes and tried to hand down a boys crib set when i already had an adorable girly theme going on. And once she started growing hair kept bugging me about cutting it when it wasnt even a length worth cutting, it would just be short like a boy again!! Now that i have my son they chilled but it was sooo annoying!!

Lori A 0 likes

Linsi I try that! She doesn't get it!

Liams M 0 likes

Just tell her that you appreciate it all and that your so thankful to be getting it but your child isn't at the appropriate age for the toys or for any xmas or birthdays give out lists to everyone and tell them that this is the stuff you need and write sizes :) hope this helps!

Maddie 0 likes

That's really obnoxious...

Safia E 1 like

Since she only comes a few times...just dress him in the things that she buys him...even if it's too big. Sometimes as mothers we become over protective over nothing. At least she's buying him things and trying to be a grandmother the best way she knows how. Don't stress yourself over the little things, she did raise your husband and he survived to be an adult.

Safia E 1 like

Just always remind yourself that whatever people do for your baby is out of the kindness of their heart & what they know best. They all can't be as fabulous as you ;) but at least they're trying! You can't change people but you can change your mindset so they don't keep getting to you.

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