My MIL has really been getting on my nerves lately!!! She makes me feel like I'm not able to be mom to my baby because every time my LO starts to fuss or cry she wants to take her from me and comfort her. However I understand this is her first grandchild, but I also need to experience things myself being as I am a FTM. LO is 5 weeks old. Any other moms experience your MIL really getting under your skin at times? How did you confront her or deal with the whole situation?

Sam . 1 like

Do you live with her or is she living with you to help out?

Nicole C 0 likes

No, we don't live together. But we are over there almost every weekend so they can see my daughter..

Trena T 1 like

My mom was that way. Yes MY MOM, I finally told her- "he's my son. NOT YOURS! Let me do the parenting!" Yea she got all "butt-hurt" and started her normal guilt trips, but she got over it.. "He's 3 years old now, and I have a 9month old, and they both love going over there now..

Andrea 0 likes

This irks me! Lol Make sure your husband has your back. It's very important that you and your husband are a team. Don't let her push you around. Stand your ground. And if she doesn't get it your husband may need to step in. She will respect you more in the end if you don't let her push and shove.

Ayahs Mom A 0 likes

What is MIL😁

Sarah S 2 likes

My mil cut my daughters hair without asking. I told her it's my baby I make decisions. When she told me I was being stupid I kept my child from her for 2 months she needed to understand I am serious!!!

Lauren M 0 likes

Mother in law is what MIL means. & yes, they can be a huge pain.

Mommy Of T 0 likes

Mother in law

Shaylece S 0 likes

Put your foot down. If you don't want her to take you from you don't let her if you don't want your baby to have something tell her. Be the mom YOU want to be.

Margaret T 0 likes

Lol I take my baby away from my MIL when she cries. And I know it pisses my MIL off but I don't care my babies grow up too fast to worry about what she thinks! My experience is more important. If she continues just tell her nicely you need this time it's too precious. If she doesn't listen after that you might have to get snappyπŸ˜πŸ’›

Margaret T 0 likes

Zahraa MIL is mother-in-law πŸ’›

Brooke B 1 like

Just put your foot down. You need to be the one comforting your child when possible! Just let her know you need to talk to her and then let her know how you feel. I would suggest not putting it off until it boils up inside of you and then you just blow up!

Meghan G 0 likes

You need to put your foot down- but do it nicely. You need to express to her how you feel and have the hubby back you up. It's this simple- if they can't respect you, they can't expect you. Meaning no results, no baby. They will come around.

Thao V 1 like

Omg! Tell me about it! My MIL does the exact same thing! I don't mind her taking my LO when she's just needing attention. But when my LO is crying from pain I want to be able to comfort her. When LO got her 2mo shots, she cried so much and MIL kept fighting me for her. I told her "she's in pain, it doesn't matter who holds her" she still kept trying so the husband had to step in. It's hard to say much to them, talk to your SO and have him back you up when you need him to.

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