My lo won't take a bottle at all! We breastfeed only. I've already tried mam brand and he won't take them! Any other suggestions on something that is easy for him to transition to? I need some mommy time lol!

Shadeara H 0 likes

Tommee Tippee bottles . They are like human nipples .

Christin T 0 likes

I tried those too I forgot lol! I went and bought an avent natural! I'm praying it works lol

Ashley B 0 likes

I use the bottle called Latch. They are made to resemble the breast and move with the baby. My LO loves them and goes my breast to bottle feeding with dad.

Caitlin V 0 likes

Look for whatever seems closest to your nipple and have someone else introduce it. Avent regular worked best for us.

A V 0 likes

My daughter has been HORRIBLE with bottles. I stopped giving her bottles at 3 months and tried to start again recently since I am going back to work soon. So no bottles for 6 months and FINALLY took a bottle today. What I think is since her pacifier was completely round she will only take a nuk bottle that has a flat bottom to it and is not rounded.

Mel S 0 likes

We went through five different kinds, my LO finally took to dr. Browns

Min Z 0 likes

Have you tried the mOmma bottles? They are pricer but EBF babies all took those

Christin T 0 likes

I just grabbed what I could find at our local Walmart! They don't have much in this crappy town lol

Carrie H 0 likes

I use Dr Browns they work great

Jasmine B 1 like

My LO like latch bottles

Ann S 0 likes

I loved the munchkin latch bottles. Only way he would takes bottle when I couldn't bf anymore

Happy M 0 likes

Como tomo bottles. Some never take bottles, but go straight to sippy cups.

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