My lo just turned 6 mos and we are getting ready to start solid foods. I have done a lot of research about baby digestive systems and don't want to give her rice cereal but would rather start with avocado, egg yolk and homemade organic baby food. Any other moms skip rice cereal? If so, what foods did you start with?

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Hi Jennie! My LO is 5 mos and here's our plan: Try one food at a time; wait 4 days to see if baby has an allergy: Start with these: Applesauce Bananas Sweet potato By 7 or 8 months, add: Avocado Carrots Pears Mashed egg yolk (no whites) Minced meat (chicken, lamb, turkey, beef) By 9 months, add: Yogurt Cheese Pasta Beans Wait on these until at least 1 year: Nuts (esp peanuts) Chocolate Egg whites Honey (spores of Clostridium botulinum) Cow’s milk Wheat Citrus fruits/strawberries Tomatoes

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There's no nutritional value to cereals except for iron. My DD GI dr wanted her on cereal for the iron, but I asked our pedi and she was like uh there's enough in her formula you don't HAVE to do cereal if you don't want to. My daughter loves sweet potatoes, mangos, bananas, prunes (be careful of the poop lol), peaches

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I agree with above and with skipping rice cereal, will be doing something simuliar when the time comes.

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Our first food was avocado- super easy to prepare and tons of vitamins and nutrients. I would mix it with a little breast milk (or you can use formula or water) to make it smoother. I totally skipped cereal (we are gluten free bc I have celiac disease and I'm waiting till he's old enough to tell me how he feels). After avocado I think we did sweet potatoes, banana, squash. I also did chicken, mixed it with water to make it smooth. He's 13 mo now and eats everything.

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I do oatmeal. Rice is constipating

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My 5 month old eats oatmeal cereal (it helps him keep things down- he has acid reflux) but we are starting him on avocado, carrots and sweet potatoes. Some people believe that you should start with veggies because they naturally prefer the sweetness of fruits. Eventually my list will also include: Butternut squash Peas Apples Pears Bananas

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I used oatmeal and puréed fruits and vegetables. Waited until 7ish months to start meats and egg

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My 5 month old eats oatmeal right before bed. He's had avocado, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, applesauce and bananas. We skipped rice because there is so much arsenic in it and our doctor said that it's not necessary but neither is the oatmeal. It just helps him sleep at night

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Skipped rice and went straight to oatmeal.

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My 5month old has had: Rice (he didn't care for it) Oatmeal Carrots Squash Green beans Pea Sweet potatoes Bananas Apples Peaches Coming up is Pears & avocados

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The dr I work for says not to do rice unless your baby is underweight. Rice has no real nutritional value. Just calories and can help babies feel full sooner when added to a bottle. We always suggest to start out with veggies and not introduce fruits until your baby will eat all the veggies. Fruits are naturally sweet so if you start off with sweets they will more than likely refuse the veggies. And variety is key but only after you try the same thing at least 3 times to watch for allergies.

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We didn't do oatmeal with my youngest or my daycare kids because my oldest 2 kids were allergic to oatmeal. So just watch for allergies with anything you feed your LO

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I started with veggies...first came the local and once that were in season and then everything else. One at a time, just to make sure no allergies

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I started with oatmeal and my daughter loves it! I give it to her for breakfast now and it's her favourite meal of the day!

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Thank you for all of the comments! Really appreciate all of you :) My lo has reflux so was considering the oatmeal but she also is allergic to dairy protein so don't want to give her anything she might react poorly to. She is currently sleeping through the night off and on so am leaning towards homemade veggies first. She has 6 mo appt Friday so will see what doc thinks.

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