My LO is teething she will be 5 months on the 27th. Yesterday I gave her little remedies Tylenol for infants. But Much rather give her something that's natural any suggestions?

Jenny B 2 likes

Hylands teething gel and dissolving teething tablets are all natural and seem to work well.

Kristen H 1 like

I have a 7 month old that has 4 teeth already. We used hylands all natural teething tablets. I only had to give him one every once and a while when it got really bad. Besides that he really liked the teething mesh bags. You can put ice cubes, frozen breast milk or when he gets old frozen fruit and vegs. Mine loved it. I got mine at target but I've seen them at Walmart and other stores.

Bri β 2 likes

I read some where that hyland teething tablets have a high dose of belladonna in it and can be poisoning for lo's .. That research was done by the FDA

Amanda W 2 likes

Frozen breast milk or frozen cloth. Gel teethers in the fridge work ok too :) and rub the gums! Our LO is 6 months on the 27th :)

Baby M 2 likes

Chamomile. Hylands tabs Are not recommended as they have belladonna in them which can cause seizures

Heather F 1 like

We use a Baltic Amber teething necklace. It actually works better than tylanol for my son. Plus, it looks super cute.

MikynDelanie's M 2 likes

Bri I read that report too it was done a few years ago and they have since corrected it. 😊

MikynDelanie's M 1 like

Heather I know a few people who have those necklaces, where did I get yours?

Sirrell A 2 likes

My baby loves the mesh food feeders they teeth on the food you put inside the mesh then in the freezer it's like a food Popsicle and soothes the mouth

Angie T 1 like

I bought hylands teething gel and that has belladonna in it now I'm afraid to use it πŸ˜•

Marina 0 likes

Hylands teething tablets. We did one dose 3 nights in a row, LO is fine. Cold washcloth, tylenol before bedtime

Marina 1 like a baby would have to ingest a ridiculous amount to get side effects from the hylands teething tablets

MikynDelanie's M 0 likes

I'd be more worried about Tylenol having an effect than the hyland's . I think it's pretty safe. πŸ‘Ά which both are if taken correctly.

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