My LO, is currently 9 months (on Wednesday) and I think she's allergic to dairy, but they won't allergy test her because they say she's too young, any moms LOs allergic to dairy?

Paty C 1 like

Lactose intolerant. I Know lots of babies that are.

Manda G 0 likes

Are they breastfed or do I have to switch to a special formula? Or just take dairy out of my diet?

Momma G 1 like

My son from the age of 4 weeks was on lactose free formula. If your just starting your Lo on formula or dairy milk it could be they are sensitive to lactose. Humans naturally can't digest lactose.. It's been something out bodies learn to do because we eat so much dairy

Marianne M 1 like

It's probably a sensitivity to cows milk protein, which they typically outgrow. Babies digestive systems are still developing until about 6 months. It's fairly common if you eat a lot of dairy. My nephew had trouble keeping anything down and my sister cut all dairy out of her diet. It took a good 10 days to fully clear her system, but she noticed improvement in the first few days and then no issues. He's fine now and drinks milk no problem.

Momma To 2 U 1 like

There is a different between allergic and intolerant. My son is allergic. He gets hives and starts to swell. Intolerance causes gastric issues. Diarrhea vomiting cramping. Either way if your child is exhibiting any of these you should discontinue giving them dairy until a later time.

Autumn R 1 like

My baby is. I'm breast feeding and his pedi diagnosed him at 3 weeks. I've been off dairy since then. He's 3.5 months.

Momma To 2 U 1 like

I breastfed and had to cut all dairy from my diet. Unless it was cooked into the food I couldn't eat it. No cheese milk yogurt ice cream

Mel E 1 like

Ask to see an allergist they can do a blood test instead of skin prick test. If they tell you that LO is too young then stand your ground and demand to be referred to an allergist. It may only be an intolerance but better to know than not.

Manda G 0 likes

When i tried to give her egg her face got super red and her eye gets pink and a little puffy. And her grandparents (SO parents) have her a little bit of ice cream and the same thing happened.

Paola O 1 like

Is lactose intolerate! I had to give my lo soy formula n breat because of it

Mel E 1 like

Sounds like mama knows best!! Sounds like a reaction to me. A lot of allergies are grown out of as they get bigger but knowing what to avoid is important. As a mom of step kids with severe allergies, I urge you to get your LO seen. Reactions can start mild with a first exposure and then developed into more serious reactions with each subsequent exposure.

Manda G 0 likes

Thank you all so much! :)

M C 1 like

My LO Wasnt lactose intolerant but had a dairy protein allergy. When I was breastfeeding I had to cut dairy from my diet and when he was on formula, we had him on Alimentum.

Momma To 2 U 1 like

Manda, your description of the reaction is definitely an allergic reaction do not give eggs and dairy again until you've seen an allergists. My sons eyes did the exact same thing the first time then the second time came the hives and swelling.

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