My LO is almost 4 months and I'm thinking now would be a good time to transition him out of swaddling when he sleeps. I've never swaddled tightly, and he's always "broke free" I'm just hoping he sleeps as good without being swaddled. Any tips would be great!!

Leen C 0 likes

If you treasure your sleep, don't mess with his swaddling. If he breaks free then he knows when he's had enough swaddling. Maybe just don't swaddle his arms but some children feel more secure when swaddled.

Em A 0 likes

I read start with one arm out. I haven't don't it yet. I'm scared lol

Sue A 0 likes

My daughter kept freeing her self so instead of swaddling her I tucked her in tightly in her crib with her arms out but kept her body nice and tight.. Hope that helps

Rachel D 1 like

Emily, I'm scared too haha. He sleeps so good. I think I'll wait another two weeks and try when I'm off work for two weeks.

Sahar A 0 likes

I still swaddle my 6mo. She rolls when she's awake but she doesn't even move off her back when she's asleep. I tried the one arm and she would scratch her head and her face and she would wake up. Totally unswaddled she would turn almost 360 degrees in the crib! I'm scared to try it at any age lol.

D P 0 likes

My LO is 4.5 months and at 3 months I bought baby Merlin's magic sleep suit and it works great. He looks like an astronaut, but sleeps just as well as he did in the swaddle. Highly recommended.

D P 0 likes

It's just heavy enough that he can move but not wake himself up.

Deanna A 0 likes

I switched to those zipper sacks with no sleeves. I would just put her in a long sleeve onesie and then the sleep sac.

Genny H 0 likes

I stopped swaddling my 5 week old for about a week now. I got too tired of swaddling her after each feeding and changing her diapers. It's working out well.

allie M 0 likes

I'm in the same boat with my almost 4 MO. He sleeps soundly through the night so I'm scared to change anything! Hahaha

Melinda P 0 likes

My son is now 18 months, but when he was that little, we started buying the sleeping sacks, they were a good transition from's not easy, but it goes by so fast! I miss him being that little! Now he's crazy and running everywhere! Treasure that sweet time Mommies! :)

Kimberly M 0 likes

My 3 1/2 month old was too much of a Houdini after 2 weeks, so I have those blanket sack things that he sleeps in every night. They work awesome for us. I used them for his big brother too. Neither of my boys liked being swaddled, so these were the next best thing for me. Maybe they'll work for you too 😊

Raye O 0 likes

The zippadee zip has gotten rave reviews. Give it a try!

Kelsie F 0 likes

If you're both getting the rest you need I don't see why you need to stop swaddling your baby :) unless it personally just bothers you!

Jennie A 0 likes

My 4 mo is breaking out of her swaddle most of the time so I have started leaving one arm out with a mitt on so she can't scratch her face during naps and she is doing ok. Going to attempt to leave an arm out at night soon. Yikes!

TwinMama 0 likes

I have 7 week old twins who have hated their arms covered from the start. I was able to swaddle my DD for a little while but that didn't last long. I've just been "swaddling" their lower half and that seems to work. I do put mitts on my DS once in awhile cuz he constantly moves his arms/hands and I don't want him to scratch himself. Hope this helps and good luck!

Linsi M 0 likes

We went to the Halo sleep sack after swaddling (though I didn't swaddle them for long because I didn't want them to become dependent on it for sleep). We've used the sleep sacks since they were about 3 months (they're now 14 months) & I plan on using them until they figure out how to use a blanket lol

Emily O 0 likes

My lo learned to roll over at around 3.5 months so I had to stop swaddling. I was nervous too, but I used (still use) a fleece sleep sack over his pajamas and he didn't even seem to notice not being swaddled. It was fine! Hopefully you have the same experience!

Rachel D 0 likes

I would like to stop because pretty soon he's going to be too big and start rolling over. I already put mittens on him cause he does escape in the middle of the night and I don't want his precious little face to be scratched up. I will try some of your suggestions. Thank you!

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