My LO is 7 months old and wakes up every morning at 4:30 because his diaper is full to the max. We have tried huggies little snugglers, little movers, and snug & dry but he ways fills it. He would sleep through the night except he hates to be wet or dirty! Any tips on a better night time diaper so he can get a good nights rest (and so can momma)

Mama J 0 likes

try a different brand... pampers... etc

Megan M 1 like

I use a size bigger in Honest Company. They're expensive so I just use them at night. My 1 yr old boy is a heavy wetter and these last 12 hrs.

Miranda☀️ 0 likes

I use pampers baby dry. Last up to 12 hours! My LO hates to be wet but when I use these diapers at night I don't have to change it till morning . He doesn't seem bothered

Taylor G 0 likes

My twins leaked through both Pampers and Huggies. Switched to Luvs and never had a problem. 😊

Livi's M 0 likes

I use a size bigger in huggies snug and dry and helps my lo a lot..before she was leaking through during the night

MomOfTwo B 0 likes

I've always used Luvs for both my girls and they make it through the night still

Nikki C 0 likes

My son wets heavily also. At Costco they have the buggies lil movers Plus. The plus is more absorbent and so far he hasn't had so much discomfort or leaks.

Emma B 0 likes

I use Pampers premium active fit. They are expensive but my LO only has them on at night. It's the only nappy I have found that has kept my LO dry for 12hours!

Mommy K 0 likes

Honest company hold great! I don't like the fit on my skinny tall son but they are super absorbent

Nicole B 0 likes

Pampers baby dry ! My mom recently bought a box of huggies cause they were on sale , Hate them compared to pamps, I have to change the hugs twice as much !!

Shannon P 0 likes

Huggies over nite

Lauren A 0 likes

Pampers swaddlers work great for my little guy. I'm luck enough to have him sleep through the night, so after his bath he gets a pamper, with diaper rash cream (preventative measure) and he sleeps straight through. When he wakes up in the morning they are full, but he's happy!

Haley M 0 likes

They have over night diapers and get a size bigger it should really help if you do both.

Christie H 0 likes

My daughter hates to be wet too so I use pampers swaddlers and she sleeps all night ( 7:45pm- 7am). She's 7.5 months old

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