My lo is 5wks. Has anyone taken baby on a road trip? How far? Was it hard? I'm anxious to get out.

Reina R 0 likes

I took my LO from LA to Bakersfield and it Was a little hard just because he was tired of sitting in the car seat for almost 2 hours .

Mommy T 2 likes

All of my family lives about 2 hours away. I think my son was about 2 months when I took him on his first trip and it was by myself. If yours is going to be longer than that just plan for stops to feed and change. Otherwise baby should sleep most of the time.

Wendy W 0 likes

I took my 3 month old from nj to va in a car. About a 7 hour drive and she did well. I just sat in the back with her. I stopped 2x to nurse her and change her diaper

Ali C 0 likes

Yes we took our LO at 6 weeks from va to pa-5hr drive. I sat in the back with him which made it a little easier and made a few stops when he was hungry or tired of car seat and he did great! If he likes car rides he will most likely sleep a lot of the way! Good luck!!

Kimberly L 0 likes

I have taken my son on a few road trips 3-4 hours long. I just try to plan leaving around his nap time and fed him before and he usually sleeps the whole way. When he was a few weeks old I did the same just had to stop once to feed him.

Coryn P 0 likes

That age is the best age bc they mostly just sleep!

Rach R 0 likes

Do what you feel comfortable with. Just go on walks throughout the day if it's not too cold and that could really help your cabin fever. I'd stay away from crowded places, there are so many viruses out there right now

Perfectly M 0 likes

I took my daughter on a four hour trip at one month old. She was perfect, slept the whole time. Took her on two hour trips once a month every time after that month for my orthodontist. She would get fussy sometimes. The older she got the better I got at handling it lol. She liked new toys and tons of snacks.

Alison P 0 likes

We took a 10 hour trip to GA. My LO was 2 mo and she slept most of the way. My DH drove and I sat in the back with my LO.

L A 0 likes

We drove to From Connecticut to Florida with my 5 month old. It's normally would take 19 hours without a baby. First 12 hours were great then my son lost it. The rest of the drive was a lot of stops. Took us 27 hours to get there. Coming home we decided to stop in a hotel. Spilt the trip into two 10 hour drives and my son was great. Also took a few 6 hours drives to DC when my son was under 2 months and he was great. Slept almost the whole time.

L L 0 likes

I flew to Canada when my LO was 3 weeks old and he just slept the whole time!

Sheila B 0 likes

We moved from GA to TN a month after my daughter was born. It was only a 4 hour drive and she slept halfway there. She started getting fussy near the end but I'm pretty sure if there had been someone in the backseat with her... She would've been fine. Only thing is that she was dripping sweat when I took her out. I easily get cold and it was in the middle of winter when we took the trip. I also made the mistake of leaving the car seat cover on. Works for outdoors just not so well for road trips

Cary P 0 likes

It is totally ok to do so just keep the baby away from big crowds and make sure you pack extra baby needs

Sirena L 0 likes

Took our 8 week old to CT (3 hrs) was fine.

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