My LO is 18 months old....we got a toddler bed bc we figured it was time. We still left the crib up bc we haven't had time to take it down, but he will NOT sleep in his toddler bed. He wakes up crying. I get him back to sleep and he wakes up again. He has been sleeping through the night since he was 3 weeks old. The only way we can get him to sleep is to put him in his crib. Any advice on this and do you think it's ok to keep him in the crib as long as he is comfortable there?

Tamara G 1 like

My little one is 18 months old and will only sleep in his crib as well. I figure it's ok until we need the crib for another one. Then we will transition him over. He can't get out of the crib and isn't too big for it, so I don't see the problem with him still sleeping in it.

Maureen S 2 likes

I would let him stay in the crib as long as he wants or until it's no longer safe or you need him out of the crib. I just moved my daughter to a toddler bed and she will be 3 in December. I also have 3 boys that stayed in their cribs until close to 3.

Erin H 2 likes

Do you think it's the mattress? Can you transfer his crib mattress to his toddler bed??? I'm just suggesting that bc I have a convertible crib for my LO.

Lauren J 0 likes

My oldest was in a toddler bed before be was even a YO bc he would climb out. He did great in this bed and we actually got him a full size bed by time he was 2. I just didn't know if there was a reason why he doesn't like or something we were doing wrong. Why can't these kids come with a manual lol

Lauren J 1 like

We put his crib mattress in the toddler bed. I'm just wondering if too much of a change for him.

Tia K 2 likes

Might be to much of a change... But I think it's fine for LO to stay in crib as long as comfortable.

Alanna C 1 like

My son did the same thing too at first, once I took down his crib he knew there was no other choice! The first week or two might be rough on sleep but if you stick to it he will be sleeping threw the night in his toddler bed in no time!

BoyMom 2 likes

I would leave him in his crib as long as he is comfortable and not crawling out. Does his crib convert into a toddler bed? If so, that might be an easier transition when the time comes :)

Becky K 1 like

Is the crib in the same room? My boys are about 20 months apart. We had to switch our oldest to a bed so his brother could use the crib. Our oldest ended up sleeping under the crib every night until we put it in the living room (apartment with no space lol). After that he slept in his bed every night.

Lauren J 1 like

I may need to just take the crib out of the room to see if that helps! Thanks ladies, I just started using this app and I absolutely love interacting with all you moms!

Leslie E 1 like

Keep him in his crib

Lauren J 0 likes

^^^^^^ ?

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