My LO is 1 year old now and we have been co sleeping since he was born. I want try to get him a toddler bed and see if he sleeps in that. What are some thing you ladies did to get your LO to sleep in their own bed?

Chasity H 0 likes

I would get a crib that turns into a toddler bed if I was you. 1 year is still a little young to be in a toddler bed

M M 1 like

i let my son pick out his own bedding and sheets. That way it was his own. I also think your baby will be alright in a toddler bed as long as it has rails. I dunno about yours, but my son flails all over the place when he sleeps.

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I have a crib but he will not sleep in it even if I am in his room with him. He will stand and cry for hours until he is out. He won't even sleep in a playpen. So I was hoping a toddler bed would be what he needs cause he will sleep in a bed just fine even if I'm not there.

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You an start out with the toddler bed in your room since he's so young. When he gets used to it switch him into his own room. Make sure you have monitors incase he wakes up.

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