My LO has such severe cradle cap and now it's on his face too. I have tried oil and brush treatments and although they work for a little it comes right back. Any other advice? I think it's itchy because he keeps trying to scratch his head

Jenn M 3 likes

Keep repeating the oil and brushing. It seemed forever till my daughter outgrew it!

?Amanda? B 2 likes

It took a while with my soon too. I even bought a treatment kit.

Laura Z 1 like

We used Burts baby bee ointment. Put it on his head and left it for about an hour then wash during bath and brush afterwards. His went away within a few weeks.

Daneille O 1 like

Coconut oil?

Selena M 1 like

Wash hair everyday and make sure you put oil or lotion around 3 times a day.

Rebecca G 1 like

You can use selsun blue once or twice a week. Be careful not to get it in the eyes.

JDM ! 1 like

We had really good results with the Mustela brand product to help cradle cap. Might be worth a shot!! Hope it clears soon

Amber B 2 likes

You can use head and shoulders on them just be very careful to not get in their eyes. Worked great for my niece

Jane B 2 likes

Moms have mixed feelings about it but my dr said it was perfectly fine to use a dandruff shampoo (Head&Shoulders) to gently wash the scalp. Cleared it up within a day or 2 with my LO!

Linsi M 2 likes

I had to get a prescription shampoo from the pediatrician for one of my daughters because hers was so bad. It doesn't hurt to bring it up with your pediatrician. πŸ˜„

Nikki G 1 like

I used coconut oil and put a lot on and then put a had on his head and left it over night, then brushed it off the next day and then kept putting the coconut oil on his head everyday to keep it moisturized

Jems O 1 like

My daughter was like that too, I was using virgin olive oil then comb. shampoo and use a conditioner. It helps my daughter now she doesn't ve anything

Jems O 2 likes

I use organic shampoo and conditioner kind of safe for baby eyes:)

Jules M 2 likes

Try coconut oil!!

Morgan K 3 likes

Coconut oil and or California baby calendula cream.

Lacy S 2 likes

My daughter would get cradle cap bad just on her head, she has lots of hair and I've done the oil cap treatments. But I use that soft brush to help wash her hair each time but with baby shampoo. Just cleansing helps and to keep the face moisturized. Baby products only.

Amanda T 2 likes

Try Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry shampoo. Works amazing!!

Brittany G 1 like

Rub hydro cortisone cream 1 on his scalp. My son had it and that helped with itching

Brittney R 2 likes

Our son had it really bad on his scalp and on his forehead all the way down to his eyebrows. He had baby acne at the same time. Poor little guy looked a hot mess for 2 weeks lol! We use coconut oil. It is gone from his forehead and now is only a little left under his hair. He has a huge head of hair though!

Amanda T 1 like

My sister uses head and shoulders for her little one

Nikki P 2 likes

Coconut oil or aveeno baby soothing relief moisture cream! Both are amazing!

Amanda M 1 like

My baby's pediatrician prescribed us a cream and it took it away in about a month :)

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