My LO has a horribly diaper rash. I've been using extra strength desitin but it's not working. Any tips on what I could use to help.

Melissa A 3 likes

Try beaudrox butt paste. Not sure how it's spelled but it's excellemt

Kristi 2 likes

Bourdux Butt paste extra strength and letting the baby go without a diaper for a while.

Lindsey Y 0 likes

Our LO had a horrible diaper rash about a month ago. I had several mom friends suggest this mixture, and it truly helps clear it up fast! It's 1/2 tube Desitin (the purple one-maximum strength), 1/2 tube A & D ointment, 1 Tbsp Neosporin, & 1 Tbsp Maalax. It worked wonders for my little girl's bottom!! Best of luck!

Caroline W 1 like

Triple paste

Amanda B 0 likes

Butt Paste is the best by far. If you have time let the area air dry after it's cleaned when you do a change. Then apply the ointment.

Stephanie S 0 likes

My dr had me do 50/50 one part Cortizone 1% and athletes foot cream. Also clean the bottom with water no scented wipes

Kathy M 0 likes

But paste! And rinse after diaper changes and try to air dry. My son was allergic to pampers and after I switched haven't had diaper rash since then (knock on wood)

Sarah P 0 likes

2 tbsp baking soda and warm water. Let baby sit in there for 5 min. Then let him air dry with no diaper for a couple of hours (I'll be messy!). After that diaper rash cream with Vaseline over it! Works wonders!

Luda H 2 likes

Aquaphor has been the greatest for us! Rash is normally gone that night

Jeannine C 1 like

I love the butt paste!

Jessica D 3 likes

Aquaphor is definitely a go to for me, clears my little ones bum over night

Alexis L 0 likes

Try cornstarch.

Christina W 0 likes

Lotrimin antifungal but don't get the max it will burn the baby's butt

Katrina W 0 likes

Lotrmin! Works fast!

Angela M 1 like

I've used aquaphor and it clears it up pretty quickly

Ashley B 0 likes

Triple paste is only thing that works!!

Brandy E 0 likes

I second Triple Paste

Brittany P 0 likes

My peds dr had us do regular but cream mixed with athletes foot cream works WONDERS I swear by it

Elaine M 0 likes

I hate desatin! Butt paste or triple paste for us...

Chelsey H 0 likes

I tell everyone Desitin is worthless! We have always used A & D ointment with great results! Cheap and right next to Desitin in the baby aisle.

Catalina H 1 like

If it is persistent, you should have a doctor take a look at it to make sure it isn't yeast. They will give you ointment formulated for that.

Stephanie S 0 likes

Might want to change diapers.

Emily C 0 likes

I just use plain hydrocortisone cream and it's worked the best.

Yesica M 0 likes

I have never tried that paste before I have always used A+D for diaper rash and it work great. My daughter has sensitive skin and she gets irritated a lot and this ointment work super in just a few days it's gone.

SAHMommy 0 likes

Had the same problem my son is 4 weeks old and has had a horrible raw diaper rash that was bleeding for past week and tried every cream, changed diapers, aired him out, baths, prescription cream from pedi, and nothing worked. I posted on here and someone suggested browning flour in a pan on medium flame and letting it cool and sprinkling it on every diaper change. It's been 24 hours since I started doing it and it's SO much better already. Sounds weird but I swear by it now. Hope it helps!!

Jennifer R 0 likes

Leave the diaper off as much as you can. Put them on an old towel and let it breathe.

ProudMom M 0 likes

a lil bit of olive oil it works wonder

Aahley V 0 likes

My doctor prescribed nystatin

Ashley G 0 likes

Maybe have it checked. Could be allergic reaction, yeast, bacterial infection, folicolosis. Diaper ointments don't treat everything. Sometimes having a doctor check it could answer your questions.

Jessica A 0 likes

No desitin! Pat bottom dry after using soapy wash cloth to clean off. Apply aquaphor at every diaper change. Keep diaper off as much as possible to get air.

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