My littlest princess decided it's time to sleep deprive mommy and daddy normally that's our older princess job! Lol if I were a betting mom we will see 3 am! Anyone else up late because of little ones?

Jabriela Lovely M 2 likes


Tiffany P 1 like

Always! It never ends!

Charity H 1 like

Mine has been on a late night kick this whole week

Dee 0 likes

Yeah my almost 3 year old is usually our late night bed joiner lol tonight it's the little one :(

Michelle P 1 like

🙋🏽 11:44pm where I'm at & my daughter is still wide awake, with lots of energy!! She's always one to go to bed late & sleep in late though. But I am tiiiiired tonight & wanna go to bed! Lol

Mias M 1 like

3 am every day! 8 months old

Rebecca F 1 like

Yep... 2:15am here. My 16 month old is usually good about going to bed, but tonight she slept for about 2 hours and has been up ever since 9:30...wide awake...what's the deal with that? Lol

Tara B 1 like

Sure am. So tired.

TaylorGrace's M 1 like

Yes yes yes

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