My husband and I have a 5 month old. I haven't left him longer than 20 minutes since he's been born. My husband works a ton so I pretty much play both parenting roles. My husband just told me he wants to have someone baby sit our son so we can have a few hours to ourselves. This makes me extremely nervous. I EBF and practice attachment parenting and can't pump well and I'm afraid whoever is watching him won't live up to my standards. What do I do?!

Moira C 1 like

Well you can trust someone for an hour or two, or you can be held hostage until you feel better about leaving.

Lee S 1 like

Having this anxiety is an indicator that you do need the break. Nuture your relationship with your husband. Find a family member to babysit that will lower your stress

Moniqe G 3 likes

Understand that they probably won't and get in your mind what are the most important standards you want them to follow. The truth is everyone cares for the baby differently and as long as they will be safe and cared for in no danger you are going to have to take a deep breath and let it go let it go ... Now go out with ur hubby and have a good time. Take Comfort in knowing the baby is safe with someone you trust to keep them that way and that's all

Andrea H 1 like

Thank you! It's just so hard being a first time mom lol

Ashley M 1 like

My little guy is 4mo old and I still get major anxiety when I leave him. I've only left him a handful of times and only for 1-2 hours. Trust me when I say that no one will ever live up to your standards but hopefully you have a family member near by or a best friend you can trust to love and take care of him to the best of their ability. Start pumping as much as you can- it'll get better. Try offering your little one a bottle once a day to get him/her used to it.

Michele B 2 likes

Take baby steps! After you find someone you trust who won't be offended that you want pics text to you every 30 minutes, go out for dinner, but just for an hour or so.

Lindsay R 1 like

Time to each other is VERY important. With that said, I also completely understand your anxiety to be separated from your LO. Find someone you trust The absolute most ( mother, sister , best friend). Knowing your LO is in good hands will give you a sense of relief. Also, depending on how often you pump. Pump right before you leave and when it's time to pump again then it's time to go home or get LO back :) You get a little alone time in but you don't feel guilty either.

Cali^Mom F 1 like

Remember that this person is not parenting for you so they probably won't live up to your standards and that's ok. Kids adapt well and all you really need is a place holder, so to speak, that will keep baby safe until you get home. Your LO will weather it just fine most likely. Time with your SO is important for your relationship and time to be yourself instead of mommy is important for your mental health too.

Jessica M 3 likes

I am in the same boat, I know exactly how you feel. Everyone is pressuring me (including my DH) to get a sitter so I can go out, but I honestly don't want to be away from my 2 mo. I feel like anyone who would watch her wouldn't do a good enough job, or wouldn't know how to work the Velcro swaddlers, or not know how to burp her like I do, etc. But I think maybe to just take baby steps would help.

Gina B 1 like

Jessica M: I'm the same way! I have such anxiety even with my SO. I'm 6 months pp and we haven't had "us" time ever!

Andrea H 0 likes

Thank you so much ladies! This helps a ton!

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