My husband and I are trying to have another baby. We have eight-year-old beautiful little girl but he keeps on mentioning that he wants a boy. Does anyone know how to make a baby boy?? I know that this sounds silly but I've heard of people determining what sex baby that they will have. Thanks for all your help! Oh and we plan on getting pregnant within a year and a half or so

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Girl sperm are bigger, stronger and slower Boy sperm are faster swimmers but they die faster So if you want a boy have sex really close to ovulation and for a girl you have sex about two to three days before ovulation so the boy sperm have already died off! It's obviously not a done deal method but it's the only method I know of and I'm pretty sure that's why our middle is a girl because we really planned things out!

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Found a good site- hope this link works Try copy and paste

Marina M 4 likes

Gender cannot be chosen, it just is what it is. You could try anything (eat certain things, have sex in a certain position, etc), and it will have no affect on what gender your baby is going to be.

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@michelle thank you!! I will try that! And thanks for that great website.

Jessica W 2 likes

I used an app called maybe baby to tell when I was ovulating, but it also gave a prediction based on the days you might try to conceive, if it would be a boy or girl. It was accurate in my case, or maybe just a coincidence. Anyway, the sperm decides the sex so tell your hubby, it's up to him, lol

Samantha M 1 like

Apparently the "gender sway" diet works.

Athena J 3 likes

I agree with Michele, before ovulation a girl and day of or day after for a boy. My son was Conceived one day after ovulation. Girl sperm is stronger so they stick around longer and can wait for the egg. boy sperm are fast they will get to the egg first but die soon if the egg isn't already there or coming down very soon. Good luck!

Amanda G 2 likes

We have three girls and wanted a boy. My husband started taking extra testosterone. My OB of 15 years said that yes that can get the little guys swimming faster. Also if you are on top during sex.

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Idk but I do know my son was conceived doggie lol sry TMI haha! Don't judge me.

Denise B 0 likes

@shonda you had me laughing so hard!! I heard of that too! Lol

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My friend has 5 boys n 1 girl she said that during all 5 boys they were so drunk during the intercourse n with the girl they werent ... Worth a try lol

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