My husband and I are considering a road trip from Toronto Canada to Florida in January during his 2 weeks off. We figured by driving we can bring everything we need which will amount to quite a bit for twins who will be 6 months old at the time. Do you think the drive will be too much for the babies. Flying is an option but with 2 babies and all the luggage/gear we'll need driving seems more practical.

Linsi M 2 likes

I think that will be one loooong drive with a lot of pit stops being made to accomodate the babies. In my opinion (as a mom of twins) I think flying would be faster & you'd be able to actually enjoy your vacation more versus spending almost a week on the road (again, just my opinion & we recently moved from Orlando, FL to Wisconsin)

Danah B 2 likes

To be honest, the drive sounds like a little much if you'd be making the drive twice in a matter of two weeks. Can it be done? I'm sure it could, but I think the amount of inconveniences from driving are more than that of too much luggage. Although we moms already consider you a hero (traveling with twins requires superpowers!), it may be less frazzling to just take a flight. Best wishes!

Kristin C 1 like

I just flew from Windsor ON to Florida a few weeks ago with a 6mo and a 4 yr old. I would recommend flying. It's only a few hours compared to days and most resorts and hotels have everything you need for babies like cribs, toys etc. If you rent a car you can rent car seats as well. Good luck!!!

Sarah R 1 like

That drive sounds awful! Idk where ur going to in Florida but I assume ur staying at a hotel. Pack all there food and diapers and whatever they'll need there and ship it down. That way when u FLY u don't need to carry extra stuff with u and it will all be there when u arrive

Nae M 3 likes

We drove from Texas to Florida (one way) with a 2 yr old and almost 1yr old, NOT FUN!! It took 3 days with all the stops we had to make. I would not do it again by choice, driving anywhere out of state lol. I commend you for being so optimistic! I would rather fly and get a luggage cart!

L A 1 like

In December we are driving from Connecticut to Florida with my son who will be 5 months. He loves car rides so im not worried. There Are plenty of areas to stop along the highway That don't take you off track so stops are not too bad. We are driving because it's just much easier to bring everything that we need as well as we don't need to Rent a car when we are there.

Aubrey M 0 likes

Drives can be fun.. Also awful. If you have a plan to stop every couple hours at some attraction or something it leans more towards fun. Anything longer (except during sleep) will create a loooong trip for you.. However- not all children like to fly. It may cost less to drive. You have to weigh the pros and cons. If you are trying to get from A-B in the quickest fashion- fly. If you aren't a stickler for itineraries, drive...

Roxette H 0 likes

I would say definitely yes!!! But then again, my daughter despises her car seat. If your LOs are good in their car seats and you stop often and get them out for a while it might not be that bad.... But then it would probably take you like 5 days to get there. I would definitely fly over drive with two 6 months old though.

Rachel R 2 likes

I drove to florida from maine with my 6 month old and it was awful. We got there in 2 days but it was just horrible thankfully I was able to fly back. Halfway through he was just so sick of being in the carseat so he just screamed. Every time since then when I go to put him in his car seat he screams and fights me on it. He's 1. You can bring strollers and gate check them right before you get into the plane for free. I did it by myself with one baby so with two of you it shouldn't be bad.

Liz C 0 likes

Thanks for all the advice. Looks like we're flying!! Lol I love that I can get advice from other moms! This app is great! Another question... Can we bring car seats on the plane? I don't feel comfy checking them in to get banged around! Will they accommodate a double stroller on the plane? I'm thinking our double side by side (Phil & Teds) is better than our Dbl front & back (Baby Jogger City Select)?

Caitlyn S 1 like

We did it last year from Ontario to South Carolina with a three month old, we took a small rv. Worked great and we could just pull into a truck stop or camp ground on the way down and back for the night and pulled into a walmart for meals etc. it was great

Sarah R 1 like

The stroller u would have to check at the gate. Also, kids under 2 on her blue r free!

Rachel B 1 like

My parents JUST drove to Florida fr halifax ns! No advice, just throwin that in there lol!

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