My husband an I are considering going to a fertility specialist for injections to induce ovulation. Have any of you ladies done this? Any success? Did any of you get blessed with twins?

Jodi 1 like

I did injections last year in June and got pregnant after the first try. I had my twins in February.

Dezirae R 2 likes

My husband really good friend and his wife did. They just had their second baby girl and they had been trying for 12 years. It's pretty amazing. No twins though lol.

JRT ! 2 likes

We did and artificial insemination. Nope no twins...thought maybe because my hormone levels were so high but nope. It's ok though one at a time is enough for us 😀

JRT ! 2 likes

Oh and ours wasn't injections I took pills

Laura G 2 likes

I didn't. But one of my coworker did the injections and had twins one boy and one girl just had them about a month ago :)

Kristin H 2 likes

We did they pills with infections and iui, the injections and then ivf. We did have twins however I had complications, ended up delivering at 23 weeks and one twin didn't make it after months of fighting. I would suggest looking into fertilaid or ovaboost to start with for a couple months before you go that route. I tried the ovaboost this time around thinking what the heck before having to so ivf and got pregnant my 2nd month on it. Good luck!!

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