My due date is next Friday but I dnt think she's coming until 23 and this is my first am soo scared of the pains I will have when I go in labor the doctor wants me to get an epidural but so scared of that trying to go natural but what if I can't do that any tips moms on how you was going in labor having strong contractions? What did you do

DJ's M 6 likes

Just try and breathe and stay calm you don't want the baby to be stressed. I personally recommend the epidural. It's heaven. It doesn't hurt at all, especially when you're having contractions. You won't care. It's heaven sent πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜ but do as you please and discuss your options with your dr!

Jasmin G 2 likes

I'm not going to lie, contractions hurt like a bxtch! I was forced to have my son natural due to labor going by too fast. I kept begging for an epidural and they kept saying they'd call the person but never did. Yelling was my natural reaction to the pain and really wanted to

Jasmin G 2 likes

punch them when they told me to stop yelling and breath. Idk about anyone else but breathing did not help me one bit. On the bright side, I have no back pain. Lots of people who had the epidural say they have permanent back pain from it.

Jessica P 2 likes

I know you did wanted to punch them lol like they dnt see woman having real pain that's what crazy I just ask all moms pray for me when I go In

Chelsea S 1 like

I have back pain due to the epidural! Its not that bad but every once in a while i get it. I wish I could've done it naturally, just remember that the pain is only temporary unless you're having like a long labor. But mine was only 8 hours long I couldve done it but they hurt so bad :( especially if they induce you the pain is worse. Just expect the worst lol

Keesha A 2 likes

The epidural was amazing for me but if you want to try to go natural just remember to breathe. If you are in too much pain though just remember the epidural is there for a reason :)

Rhys' M 3 likes

Best advice, just breathe. Remember that the pain is temporary but necessary to bring your little human into this world. I was scared too and I was right to be cuz contractions are no joke. But after you see their precious face, the pain will be a memory

Logan W 3 likes

I was induced with my son and my mind was set I was going to to natural as needles scare the hell out of me.. I tried the laughing gas and even a bath.. I ended up getting the epidural and didn't feel it go in as my contractions were so bad I didn't even care about the needle. I'd recommend the epidural to anyone as it helps with the pain ALOT. But if you're going to go natural just breath and when you have a contraction try not to tense up. Best of luck!!

Kristin H 5 likes

Keep this in mind: when contractions come, imagine that your cervix is a flower and it's slowly opening. I kept saying over to myself "breathe and open" I also had a water birth which was fantastic for my back labor. I had the water as hot as I could stand it without it being damaging to me or the baby. By the time my son came out the water was the perfect temp for bringing a baby into the world. You will do great whatever method of pain coping you choose! :)

Kelly E 3 likes

I had my baby naturally and it was an amazing experience. I had the mindset that "I am an animal and this is what animals do" they don't scream or get drugs they listen to their body and push that baby out when the time is right. I also reminded myself contractions are "good pains" that my body was supposed to feel and are roughly 1 minute long. They peak midway through that minute meaning the worst part of each contraction is over after 20 seconds. You got it mama

Gauri T 2 likes

I was induced at 37 week and pain was so bad that I asked for epidural. But didn't dilate more then 4cm in 2 days so doc said for c section since i had preeclampsia. During c section they gave me one more epidural because the affect of 1st was gone πŸ˜” I have some back pain but overall fine

Crystal-Joe F 1 like

I tried to go natural with my first for 8 hours and when they told me I was only 4cm and they were going to have to give me penicillin I gave up HOWEVER focusing on one object and making a grunting sound really helped me get through contractions naturally. Remember it is only for a few hours not for the rest of your life :) that helped me as well lol good luck :)

Teryn S 1 like

You mean drug free Natural is vaginal birth Compared to c section Just some helpful advice/knowledge :)

Grecia C 2 likes

I got my epidural when I was only 2cm dilated. I had an awesome nurse who took care of me and listened to me when I told her I couldn't handle the pain.

Stephanie D 2 likes

Get the epidural. Seriously it's the closest thing to heaven on earth and doesn't even cross the placenta so it has NO EFFECT ON BABY. I think most women have killer contractions (I know I did) and unless you have an extremely high pain tolerance or are just one of those lucky women, you want that epidural. You want to enjoy the birth of your baby!

My N 1 like

Why suffer needlessly? I doubt I would have pushed my baby out as fast as I did if I wasn't so relaxed.

Laura G 1 like

9 hours with straight contractions 3 hours in the jacuzzi after the 15 hour i ask my epidural you dont even feel it you feel the contraccions but not the epidural

Donna H 1 like

I wanted natural but wasn't dialating they tried everything. Last option epidural either that or I had a c-section. I had to decide what I didn't want happening most so I took the epidural so I never felt anything at all. I wish I could have done natural but had to do what was best for my baby boy

mercedes m 1 like

I signed the epidural paper just in case I ws going to have pains.I asked the Dr to let me know when would be my last chance 2 take it because I didn't wnt to ask 4 it 2 late n not be able to get it. at first I was against it but I heard so many stories so I wanted to be REALLY helped me.I remember I coughed n my back bones spread out it ws so much pain I asked 4 the epidural.The only con I would say it had ws it gets hard to push cause u CNT feel anything. I coughed my baby out lol.

Teddy P 1 like

Just breathe through them and stay calm. When i was in labor, if i started to make any noise or try to talk during a contraction it hurt worse. To get through them it was best to close my eyes, take deep breaths, and block everyone else. Good luck to you. Just remember its gonna hurt but its just one day and its over

Jules M 2 likes

I went somewhere in myself I didn't know existed. It's hard to explain but you will to. I had 3 hours of that then I got an epidural and I was in heaven! When it comes time to push do it like you are taking a poop. I'm not kidding the more you focus on that the quicker the baby will come! Trust me you will be so amazed with the process that you will handle it:) Good luck momma!

Jules M 1 like

After reading some of the posts I realize that not everyone has contractions the same. Some come and go my uterus contracted and stayed that way for hours. I couldn't breathe thru them cuz there was no resting period. They had to give me drugs to stop them. Everyone is different. I had no plan going in which helped me a ton. That way I wasn't disappointed when it didn't go a certain way. I just trusted what the doc and nurses said and went with the flow. I think it's best to keep an open mind.

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