My doc says I can opt for another C Section or I can try vaginal for this baby in September. I'm curious if anyone knows how my insurance will take that. If I opt for C Section even though the risk is the same as VBAC, will my insurance even be willing to cover it? Anyone with experience with this?

Erin D 2 likes

Call the insurance company and ask. Every ins is different.

Margaret T 1 like

Insurance is there to help cover costs they don't care how you have your baby. I've had both kinds of births and the process was the same just a different priceπŸ’›

Jilly M 1 like

I believe it should still be covered either way usually if the doctor if giving you the option he knows what your insurance covers as well but I would call and find out yourself from the insurance to be on the safe said

Mommy O 1 like

I heard that if you have a c-section with a first pregnancy than it's recommended to have one with the second just for the risk of tearing and infection. They should cover it.

Megan H 1 like

My c-section cost less than my friends vaginal. We both have different insurance but I thought that was weird.

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