My DH and I have been talking about me being a surrogate for a family. What do you moms think about it and have any of you done it? TIA

Isabella M 0 likes

I would do it for a family!

Caitlin V 0 likes

I haven't done it but I think it's a really great thing! You help a family have a little bundle of joy of their own and usually get paid too so it can also help your family. It's actually something my SO and I have considered as well.

Ty L 0 likes

That's beautiful.

Mckayla C 1 like

I was considering it but they urg you to already be done having all the kids you want just incase.

Tattooed M 0 likes

I want to but try to be a surrogate for embryos already "made" I guess you would say there are thousands just in plastic tubings and it breaks my hurt that they should be babies by now!

Chelsea 1 like

I've been thinking about it, I'm just scared because with my LO I was so attached! The pregnancy and the birth everything! Idk if I could truly give the parents the baby I carried for so long! But if you can do that then that's great 😁 a family will be very happy

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