My daughter’s school doesn’t fully enforce their uniform policy. Half of the students wear regular clothes and half wear uniform. During the first week of school, she was excited to wear her uniform. Lately, she’s been give me hard time in the mornings bc she wants to wear regular clothes. I let her wear regular clothes during Friday. What do you do? 👇

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This might sound silly, but part of me worries that other kids think she doesn’t have nice clothes to wear. Kids can be mean. She also wears glasses and started to refuse those as well bc one of her friends made a comment that she looks normal without them. She’s only in first grade.

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Yes kids can be so mean and nasty, that is why we teach them at home to be respectful and nice to others ... unfortunately not everyone goes to school knowing this and this why we have bullies running around every school. It's tough because my daughter takes deep matter into other kids opinions and it's stressful to emphasize that she should be her at all times. Hopefully your daughter can understand that. It's tough when they're so young.

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Administration should be more strict with the uniform policy. Especially since parents have paid for them. You should call the superintendent about it. And I'm sure they'd crack down in that. I wish my daughters school had uniforms. Would save me a lot of stress

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