My daughter just broke my hearth. She asked me why I took her away from her dad if she loves him and she wanted to live with him. I tried to explain her that mommy and daddy didn't work together and it was for the best to live in different houses, but we both love her very much and she was allowed to see him and call him whenever she wanted. She just hugged me and said Ok mommy. I couldn't help but cry after she left the room to play.

RC 2 likes

Oh I'm sorry mama that must've been very hard to hear. But she will understand when she is older

Megan R 2 likes

Ugh so sorry momma💔 I think your explanation was perfect and even though she can't fully understand right now she will eventually realize that it was for the best.

Diana F 1 like

I went through the same and it's tough ...Stay strong ❤️

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