My daughter is strictly breastfed. And I started work today. I am trying to save as much milk as I can. But I need to start the weaning process. She will still have breast milk just in bottle. But I know sooner or later she might be doing formula! How did yall transition. Never used bottles before with her. And she's gonna be 6 months, so suppy cups out of the question right?

BoyMom 2 likes

I would actually start on a sippy instead of a bottle, it might be easier to transition to since she's been EBF. My son hates the bottle but will happily drink out of his sippy

EL . 1 like

I lost my job because my DD NEVER took bottle. I did everything you could imagine to train her, but they all failed . I started sippy cup 2 weeks ago and still no progress. She is 5 and half. But I think you need to bypass bottle at this point and start sippy cup!

S P 2 likes

My daughter is 4.5 months and hated the bottle so I give her a sippy cup and she's very receptive. Whatever works for your child is the best choice.

EL . 1 like

Johnny's mom how old is your son? And how did you train him for sippy cup ?

H C 2 likes

Mine is 7 months and gets a sippy cup won't take a bottle but at 5 months i started the sippy cup I had to leave for 4 hrs and knew I would miss or be late for feeding and that week before I started putting alittle Breast milk in a sippy cup it took a couple of tries till she found one she likes Still won't drink all of it but she get solid to so that helps when I can't be there to feed her

Vanessa H 0 likes

Oh thanks ladies. I wasn't sure if I should start bottle and then sippy. Or if I should go straight to it. I talked to a family member and their opinion was that sippy cups wouldn't be good because she doesn't even know how to do a bottle so it would be to much. So at first I figured 'makes sense'

Erika G 1 like

Why do u want to wean her off the breast? That's going to decrease ur milk supply bc no pump is as good as ur baby. And u don't need to give formula ever....I don't know ur situation but remember that breast is the best. I'm a full time working mom and still bf my 11 months old. It's really up to u

Vanessa H 0 likes

Did your baby know right away to hold it or did you have to help hold the sippy cup. My daughter still isn't into baby food either she still sticks her tongue out and doesn't push it to the back to swallow. So I was thinking she probably isn't ready for any of it yet.

Michelle P 2 likes

I would go straight to a sippy cup! I was never able to breast feed, so don't really know your situation. But I think it would skip the hard part of getting the baby off of a bottle at age 1 lol & if you have to eventually give formula, your baby will be JUST FINE! Can't stand when other moms judge & bash other moms for giving formula. My 2 year old was put on formula at 6 weeks & is perfectly healthy. You have to do what's best for you!! Good luck with whatever you choose to do!!

Vanessa H 0 likes

She'll have my breastmilk still, I just need it to be in bottle or sippy cup. I have about 3/4 months worth of milk saved already. She'll be 6 months. I'm also getting prescribed medication that I should not breastfeed while taking. So my doctor already told me to try and start the change so once I start my medicines it would be harder. So until I do start it im still trying to get more milk saved. But if I finish all of it prior to her year might need formula.

Vanessa H 1 like

Thanks so much Michelle !!!! 😊 Yeah I know formula fed babies are perfectly fine as well. My son i breastfed for about 3 weeks and no longer could due so many problems. He is just as healthy and so so intelligent. So I don't take it to heart when someone is bashful. Or questions me like that. I've breastfed strong with my daughter and prepared for along time so if I ever had to stop I was prepared so I've done that as well.

Michelle P 1 like

That's awesome! I just see so many moms saying stuff to moms about formula. It really gets to me lol it doesn't make us "less of a mom" because we give our kids formula! But, that's awesome you were able to with baby #2! I hope when we have another ill be able to breast feed also. I wanted to so bad with my daughter but I think 32 hours of labor, a c-section, staying in the hospital for 5 days caused me a lot of stress & I just wasn't able to do it. Hopefully I'll be lucky like you with #2!

Vanessa H 0 likes

I'll pray for you!! I think mine had a lot to do that I was 15 with my son, and lost all my weight to quickly they said my body couldn't keep up. And my son was in NICU with breathing tubes and etc so he was fed through the tubes. So he wasn't ever on the boob and by the time we tired I seems to have already dried up. And now I'm 19 with my daughter. You learn as you go. But in the end I'm thankful that I've experience it both of it. I'll be praying that if and when, you'll be able too.

BoyMom 1 like

My son is a year now but started taking the cup several months ago. A lot of my mom friends had better luck with cups than bottle also. Make sure she's not starving when you give it to her, keep it casual, let her play with it a bit and she'll figure it out :)

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