My daughter is one and she is not a fan of regular milk. We have tried almond milk and she is allergic. She will drink choc milk but I really don't want her drinking that all day. Do I have to give her milk or can I substitute the missing calcium with other things? She's not much on juice either she just LOVES water ! She could drink it all day but I don't want to give her too much.

JVP 0 likes

Horizon vanilla milk. It's in juice box form! All kids love those. I milk it down with regular milk!

Bethany C 0 likes

Have you tried coconut milk? It's a great alternative for those with nut allergies since coconut isn't really a nut. Both my girls love it!

Rijvana P 0 likes

Try adding flavor to regular milk. Like mango pulp or anything that could change taste and color so LO wouldn't notice neither taste milk.

Nisha D 1 like

You can give her yogurt and cheese. My son also doesn't like milk so his pediatrician told me as long as he is getting dairy products he will be fine and I don't have to worry abt giving him milk.. You might wanna try giving her cheese and yogurt.

Meagan P 1 like

Pediasure? It's a kids mil supplement.

J B 1 like

It's not so much the calcium as it is the good day, which is why they recommend whole milk year 1 to 2. A lot of time cheese and yogurts use low/nonfat and are proceeded to have a longer shelf life. Can you try giving it with cereal. Have you tried warming it up or freezing in Popsicle form?

Sam G 0 likes

Have you tried organic milk? It's sweeter than regular milk because of the pasteurization process it goes thru.

Raelynn O 0 likes

My daughter went though a stage where she would only drink strawberry flavoured milk so the paediatrician suggested cheese and yogurt. She eventually got over it and loves milk now. I know they recommend whole milk until at least 2 yrs of age but you could also try 2%

Joy V 0 likes

Try mixing pediasure and regular milk! My DS loves it.😊

Rave M 0 likes

Lactaid?? It's sweeter and has a slightly different taste and still has all the perks or real milk

Margaret S 0 likes

Coconut milk is another alternative

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