My daughter is 9 months old now and I'm ready to get back in shape. Any suggestions on how to squeeze In a workout between working and caring for baby?

J B 3 likes

Take baby on nightly walk before bedtime. Wear your child when shopping, walking or anytime you're out.

M M 1 like

I bought a stationary bike off craigslist for 70$. I ride while he naps everyday.

Cee B 1 like

While baby is sleeping there are several online workouts available. Just plop down your mat and some equipment on the family room and turn something on. I'm a big fan of barre workouts

Ruth F 1 like

Anything is possible ! Use your judgement ! I'm a head teacher in a 2 year old room and have to juggle so much ! Try to workout when they sleep or try a home workout video 😘 do it while she's comfortable and content or sleeping!

Samantha M 1 like

In the shower?? Jk, bring your child on walks or join a gum that allows babies. No one would ever watch my kids so I would workout when they slept.

Rachel M 2 likes

Lay baby on floor and do push ups while talking to baby. Hold baby while doing squats, wall sits, lunges etc. go for a lot if walks!

Stacie J 1 like

My Lo likes to do the workout Zumba with me. I hold her or I have her watch me

Sara 0 likes

I loved holding my daughter (in my arms or in a wrap) while doing lunges or walking.

Candice M 0 likes

Thanks for the great ideas ladies!

Cee B 0 likes

I forgot to mention baby bootcamp or stroller strides. Find online a group that meets near you. This way baby comes, meets other babies and kids and you meet more moms while getting back in shape. The classes are challenging, too. I was pleasantly surprised by how organized the instructors are and push you to work for that hour.

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