My daughter is 7 months and I want to get her ears pierced. I'm worried about the pain and infection, although I know millions of parents have their child's ears pierced so I feel like it can't be too traumatic. Thoughts?

Kristin . 2 likes

I think the younger the better. Their Nerva are not as developed yet and they will not remember. Make sure u clean them regularly and twist them so they don't get gunk on them

Carrie A 0 likes

My thought for you is go for it! I figure the younger they are the less she will remember it and not have any traumatic experience that comes with thing I would worry about though is if she tugs at her ears a lot already (like when she's sleepy)...I'd personally just make sure they are clean and u turn the studs a lot to keep them from getting infected!

Ariana Z 1 like

I'm waiting for my daughter to ask me

Alice W 1 like

My LO had hers on her 2 month bday. She didn't fuss much. They don't feel much at that age

J B 10 likes

With something cosmetic like ear piercing, I'm going to wait until my daughter can ask to have them done. I think something like that should be her decision.

Linda C 2 likes

It only hurts at the moment its done, she should be fine

Candice H 0 likes

It's a personal preference thing. It is known that the younger they are the less it hurts but I personally don't do piercings unless the child first asks... If you do it just eke a close eye on the piercings and do what the piercer tells you

Julie J 0 likes

I agree, the younger, the better. The piercings I got as a child don't close up, but the second piercing I got when I was 17 keep closing.

Julie J 0 likes

****I meant baby, not child****

Heather S 2 likes

I'm doing my girls, I have twins so it's easier to identify who is who. I'm thinking one with pearl earrings the other with a stud. (Diamond & Pearl) ๐Ÿ˜

Carissa O 0 likes

Thanks everyone!

Cheryl < 0 likes

I had my oldest's done when she was 3 months and my youngest when she was about 15 months. They both did issues. They cried for less than 3 minutes.

Tasha B 4 likes

Peirced dd ears at 6mo. It healed easily and all but looking back i wish I would have waited for her to decide. It's her body- not mine & she looked equally beautiful without them. She is 7yo now & really only wears them on a rare occasion.. I do have issues with her getting white gunk in them that I have to squeeze out & we have to put earrings on occasionally or her holes will close - only natural for body to try & heal itself.

Amanda K 2 likes

My dr actually did them for both my girls. I did them at the same time as shots and I think the shots were worse. Never had a single problem with them because they were so little when I did them. I figure if they hate them when they are older they can take them out.

Mandy H 0 likes

The younger the better I say... They don't play with it as much so it's a smaller chance of infection I pierced both of my boys ears and no problem and they didn't even cry they just got mad that I was holding them still

Amanda Y 0 likes

I have used a numbing cream on both my girls. You can by it over the counter at any pharmacy and some parlours even carry it:)

Mandi J 0 likes

If you're hesitant do bows and bracelets! My lo doesn't mess with either since she's so used to them!

Katie M 0 likes

My daughter was 3 months old when we got hers pierced. We went to Claire's and the lady was so great that her ears were pierced before she knew it. The infection part is dependent in how well you keep her ears clean. We bought the solution from Claire's and I cleaned her ears three times a day. We had no problems. When she got older (11months) she would start playing with the earrings and we had to get her some small hoops (that didn't have backs). Good luck.

Aprilbaby 1 like

Don't go to the mall or store to do it. Call a local dermatologist and find one that will do it. Cleaner. Safer and they are more professional with handling babies. Need to call and find one that will do it (a lot do) and find out what they need you to bring. I know ours you can bring your own earrings to have done. So we bought some tiny diamonds set in white gold. I liked that you could use what ones you wanted.

Steph L 0 likes

I took my daughter at 11 months to get her ears pierced. It bugged her for like 5 mins. Then she forgot all about it. We just went to a salon. They have never been infected and are well cares for. It's been a year and a half now.

Chelsea R 3 likes

I waited until my daughter was old enough to ask for it. I just couldn't do it when she was a baby :) she only kept them in for about a year or so and decided she hated them :(

Joion B 0 likes

I got both of my daughters ears pierced at 2 months and they didn't get any infection and the only cried for a few seconds.

Jackie P 1 like

I heard wait till age 5 as your lobes stop growing than. My daughter is almost three and I want to do them but waiting as she has smaller lobes. I don't want to chance them being uneven! Also I struggled with infections a lot so makes me more hesitant. It's your princess though do what you want :-)

Caroline W 2 likes

With regard to pain- studies show babies feel more. The studies I read were about circumcision, but pain is pain. Not remembering doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. I'm in favor if waiting until kids can ask for earrings.

Dakota R 1 like

My doctor said wait until she is 5 because she will try to play with the ear ring and it can get infected. Or as she grows up and pulls her ears like my daughter. She is 1 now.

M M 1 like

As a former piercer I do not recommend 'Claire's' or any piercer that hasn't studied and become proficient in blood born pathogens and cross contamination as well as proper piercing placement and care for infants. A piercing 'gun' is going to traumatically force the earring through your child's ear instead of slicing it's way through like a needle would. Which is more painful and can cause infection or scarring. Also never turn the earrings. It takes longer to heal. Instead use soapy water

M M 2 likes

To remove crust or gunk. Never pick it off. Instead use a qtip and moisten the build up to loosen it. After they heal any white buildup is just dead skin cells. If the child's ears are infected they will become very very red and irritated. Likely bleed. I understand many people don't like the idea of bringing an infant to a tattoo shop. But if you find a professional place they can order the proper needles and jewelry as well as place the piercing high enough on the lobe for her to grow into.

M M 2 likes

Piercing with a needle and using surgical grade stainless steel jewelry will heal faster. And a tattoo shop will be inspected by the health department to make sure each person is certified in keeping things sanitary and not exposing your child to bacteria. Piercing in the mall is not the most safe and sanitary location to puncture your infants ears.

Stacy 2 likes

Im going to wait till she tells me if she wants them ! ;)

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