My daughter is 6 months old and is breastfed and has only eaten from a bottle a couple times. I'd like to start giving her bottles when we go out. What's a good bottle that will make it easy to transition?

Stefanie Q 1 like

Dr.browns !!! I love them !!! Never had a problem and easy to clean!!!

Natasha O 1 like

Tommie Tippie... Closet to nature, resembles a breast

Erica K 1 like

Dr. Brown bottles are the best!

Cara C 1 like

Tommy tippee. This was suggested by my pediatrician. Very similar to mommy.

K C 1 like

We use Dr. Brown's and love them!

Joline C 1 like

Tommee tippes worked wonders for my little one. They are pretty affordable as well.

Nancy W 1 like

I got the traditional Avent bottles and they are not my favorite... They are so many other brads including a diferent design from Avent but now my baby is used to the traditional and he won't take anything else :(

Cara F 2 likes

My LO likes Playtex with the slim nipples! I suggest you try different types in order to find the one your LO likes. We tried them all before settle on Playtex. Babies R Us will allow you to return any bottle!

Ali's m 0 likes

Thank you everyone!!

Paige S 1 like

I BF my baby is 5 months I would pump and give her my breast milk from a bottle at about 3 months the bottle I used was a "Lansinoh Momma" bottle it was perfect! Really mocks the breast!

Tinia S 1 like

MAM's brand work great if u still want to breastfeed in between.. It's all my 2 month old will latch onto right and take more than a couple ounces from

Ali's m 0 likes

For those who suggested tommee tippee thank you so much. She took it right away

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