My daughter is 4 months old, had a c section and now I am noticing major hair loss. When is this going to end and how much will I lose?

Stephanie C 0 likes

I had my baby vaginal and I'm losing so much hair. Are you breast feeding?

Cassandra S 0 likes

I lost a lot of hair too. I heard that this is normally the time you will lose because you body is catching up with what it went through. Just hang in there I know there are products out there that will help :)

Tabitha L 0 likes

I lost a ton of hair as well. It seemed to go on forever but in reality was about 2 months. Not much you can do about it; just hang in there and it will be over soon :-)

Carissa O 0 likes

That's normal for any delivery. Once you have the baby your body is out of whack any way, and without the extra hormones you had while pregnant your hair just sheds. You won't go bald and it'll let up. Mine quit really shedding when my kids were 6 months.

Luda H 0 likes

It happened to me as well! Get shampoo that can help! L'oreal has amazing ones that I use!!

D'Yani 0 likes

Totally normal. My daughter is 4.5 mos. and it looks like I have a receding hair line. When you're pregnant you don't shed as much hair, hence why everyone LOVES pregnant hair. After baby and when your hormones start readjusting, you lose all the hair you didn't she's while pregnant.

J B 1 like

My daughter is almost 11 months and I'm still losing a lot of hair.

Jessica D 0 likes

I'm loosing a lot of hair as well but when I was pregnant I barely lost any, it eventually slows down it just takes some months

Melissa T 0 likes

I hate it, goin through the exact same thing right now, scary & cant wait 4 it 2 stop!

Mommy 0 likes

Thats what breastfeeding is causing. It will stop in a couple of months

Jaclyn R 1 like

It's at it's worst around four months and quickly subsided for me after that.

Jaclyn R 1 like

And breastfeeding is NOT causing this hair loss!

Lisa A 0 likes

My hair dresser explained to me that my hair got so much fuller & healthier during pregnancy. She told me not to freak out when it started falling out after delivery. It's normal.

Amanda F 0 likes

Your hair stays in while your are preg. Your hardly loose any. Now your hormones are releasing and your loosing it all it seems. It's normal

Lena G 0 likes

I'm a hair stylist so I explain this to clients all the time. The hormones while pregnant make it so you don't shed your hair at the normal pace. So once you have the baby and hormones start to level out, everything that you would have lost if you weren't pregnant all sheds in a couple month time period. It gets better. Talk to your dr about Biotin, it's a vitamin that can help have it grow back at a faster pace :)

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