My daughter is 19 months and drives me crazy. She wakes up at night nonstop and then is up for day at 6am. Nap 12-1 and bed usually 7 or 8. So wtf any help? I'm losing my patience with my toddler who acts like a newborn sleeping. I haven't slept good in almost two years and it's seriously hitting me so hard right now!!!! :( oh and we cosleep too!!!

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Does she wake up crying at night or just wants to play? Maybe try putting her in her own bed and see if she sleeps better.

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I know you both love co sleeping but she may be ready for her own little toddler bed beside yours. You could look into one of those tundra beds that sit low to the floor and slides right under your bed. That way she still is next to you but has a little more room of her own. Other note try a warm glass of milk with honey before bed. (You can do her almond milk, I know she loves that stuff!)

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Melissa thanks! And I broke her crib down into a toddler bed (it's changeable) and she freaks out because my last foster mom use to put her in that stupid crib for time outs when se was in trouble and I can't get her to shake the feeling that it's a punishment. I obviously can't go buy an entire new crib just for her emotional issues lol and I spray painted it last year too. She hates that stupid thing but I plan on transitioning to toddler bed at 2:) and she cries and thrashes randomly

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I think she has bad dreams I don't know dr said night terrors since 4 mos old but she seems awake!!! She SUddeny starts crying the jerks, and if I don't go to her right away when it's happening and rub her face or hug her she sits up and has the most heartbraking cry. So I don't know why she does that :(

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That's definitely night terrors. It's much like sleep walking. The crib makes sense, she definitely has a negative association with it.

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