my daughter has had a high fever since yesterday, we've been to the doctors twice and the hospital. all her blood work and other tests (flu) are negative. no sneezing or runny nose, nothing. doctors say she must have a virus (her dad's been sick w. cold) her body will fight off. I'm giving her infant Tylenol to help the fever. anything else to help make my baby feel better? I can't stand seeing her so miserable :(

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I saw another mom posting about camomile tea. Not very hot obviously and just light in the water, it's good for them. Worth a shot, it is a soothing drink.

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It might be roseola. There's usually a fever with no other symptoms for around 4 days, then the fever breaks and a rash starts to appear all over which lasts a day or two. It's very common for kids to get this before they are 2.

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Will help with fever , and keep her hydrated! :) always works with my children :)

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my daughter will be only 2mo on January 9th

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You shouldn't give anything other than formula/breastmilk at this age. I just talked with my dr about this yesterday. Tylenol and ibuprofen as needed, warm baths, gripe water or gas drops as needed. Unfortunately that's all we can do at this age

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I saw another commenter mention ibuprofen - be careful, it is only for infants older than 6 months.

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When my son was 5 months old and ran a fever, I'd get in the bath with him and the water would bring down his temp. He overall just seemed more calm and content.

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