My daughter has been constipated, and when she poops it's usually one really hard ball. Sometimes it's really big :( she's 9 months eats solid and baby food. She eats a good amount of fruits. We've tried gripe water. What kind of foods or anything else can I give her to help?

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Apple juice. A little each day will prevent hard poo.

Baby M 2 likes

Skip apples bananas and rice

Tiffany B 1 like

Prunes, grape juice, Apple juice, applesauce.

Kestin M 0 likes

Put her on her back and move her legs in a bicycle

Tiffany H 0 likes

I would say give prunes on regular basis and you can give her suppository too

Jasmine D 2 likes

Definitely prunes or diluted prune juice daily. It was the only way to keep my daughter regular until about a year and a half

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Any of the pit fruit (prunes, peaches, apricots, plums, etc). My dd loves apricots. I just buy dehydrated, then rehydrate and purée as needed Avoid BRAT foods (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast)

Silvia F 1 like

Fresh Pear juice

Baby K's M 0 likes

Pears and prunes work for us.

Bridget S 0 likes

Orange juice? That's what I was told to use for my son anyways. By my aunt who is also a nurse. It works tho.

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Prunes or Apple juice helps my daughter

Wendy 0 likes

Prunes will make her poop! I swear by prunes!

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Any thing with a p prevents constipations, pears, peas, prunes, peaches are all really good for that

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Prune juice, and start giving her water more regularly

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Prune juice!

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I use prunes! Be sure not to give her too much because she could get upset stomach then!

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Enfamil has a new formula called Reguline that helps with constipation. It works wonders, call them for a sample.

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Pear juice regularly will regulate it mine can't have prunes so I give her pear juice

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Peas blueberries and green beans do the trick for us! But it's not always pretty ;)

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