My daughter has a horrible red, angry diaper rash and I don't know what it's from! She hasn't changed foods or anything. It isn't red and bumpy like a yeast infection and when you try and wipe her, it's raw and bleeds. Nothing has helped it clear up and it's been three days....any suggestions?? We've tried not using wipes, using creams, using Vaseline, airing it out...

Amanda M 0 likes

What kind of diapers do you use? Have you switched them?

Colbee H 0 likes

My son got bad like this before, and what we did was used petroleum jelly first, followed by extra strength Desitin (purple bottle). That was the only thing that helped. Put the Desitin on very thick and change her often. Also, you do not have to wipe the cream off every time they pee. It actually helps to avoid the wipes and just swap the diaper every other time. Hope it gets better for you soon!

SAHMommy 0 likes

I have same issue right now with my 4week old. It's been a week and a half now....pediatrician advice and all and still raw...

Alexa G 0 likes

The triple paste (butt paste) works wonders. Give that a try

Nickey D 0 likes

I've tried the buttpaste and haven't switched diapers, wipes, or formula

Aprilbaby 1 like

Have you tried just A&D. My little one stays red and irritated If I use anything else like destin and such. So just A&D works best

Cassandra S 0 likes

Have you tired aquaphor? My grandma said back in the day they used corn starch. I would try the aquaphor first though :)

Yelena S 0 likes

Try desitin with 40% zinc oxide nighttime relief. ( make sure it's clean and dry first), I use baby powder quite a bit, chamomile baths, also if it looks like yeast you may want to treat for yeast.. Nystatin cream

Jamie W 0 likes

If you are breastfeeding put some of your milk on it.

Kelly L 0 likes

Add a little baking soda to the bath water...

Jennifer P 1 like

Triple Paste is wonderful

Kylee P 0 likes

This happens to my son every now and then. I just put a lot of cream on it at every diaper change and it heals in a few days.

Tasha B 1 like

Coconut oil works wonders also

Erin S 0 likes

Try browning some flour in a pan, let it cool, then dust some on it with each diaper change. Sounds crazy, but really works!

Nickey D 0 likes

I was wondering about coconut oil

Paula B 0 likes

You can try oatmeal bath by aveno or putting a little baking soda in the bath.

Kim B 1 like

Foot fungal cream works for diaper rashes to. It's the only thing I use on my daughter now when she gets one.

Tiffany J 0 likes

Boudreaux's Butt Paste is amazing

Junice M 0 likes

buttpaste our Dr. told us before when baby are teething their saliva produce really bad acid so thats why the have bad diaper rush. I hate it!

Mommy 0 likes

Wash her with water in the sink after diaper change. Dont use wipes for now, they have chemicals and might hurt her. Use good diapers and make sure u have it on evenly and not to tight. Also use A&D, its oretty good. And let her be without a diaper at home. Her skin need to heal by airing out. Just put a pad under her. And show her to the doctor

Teri L 0 likes

My daughter had an angry rash and her pedi said it was a fungus. Mixed lotrimin and desitin. Cleared it up.

Twin M 0 likes

One of my LO had a bleeding rash when she was 1 month. Doc suggested Dr. Smiths cream, the rash was gone in the morning. I have been using it with every diaper change since and no problems since.

Chrissy A 0 likes

Coconut out... It's the only thing that had worked for us and fast.

Amber B 0 likes

Natural baby powder will heal the skin and dry it out. Creams will make it worse. Cornstarch works great too!!

Lindsay M 0 likes

Try neosporin

Monica G 0 likes

I love Dr Smith cream or use corn starch, just pour a lot over area and change diaper often. I would use corn starch at its worst then once u see it getting better I would switch to cream!

Hannah S 0 likes

Corn starch worked wonders for my daughter!

Nickey D 0 likes

Ok we tried the baking soda bath, the fungus + diaper rash cream, cornstarch, no diaper on, no wipes just water....poor thing still has the rash! I feel so bad bc she just shakes and cries at every diaper change, or as soon as she's got a wet or dirty diaper. I was at target and got some Honest company healing balm so we'll see how well that works bc all the other diaper rash creams haven't so far

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