My daughter can stand on her down at 7 months most time. I plan to have her potty training before 1. Any tips !

Vanessa W 5 likes

Good luck with that lol i personally think you should worry about one thing at a time, weening off bottles and binkys, switching to regular milk and real food, walking, etc... Before you get to potty training. most children are not physically ready until atleast 18 months and even that is very early. 2 yrs is average. My son wasnt ready till he was 3. Its just something you cant force and introducing it too early might be counter productive.

Anita G 0 likes

Persistence!!! Don't give up, there will be lots of accidents but as long as you are consisted you can do it!

M M 2 likes

That's awesome! I wish you success! I would just pay attention to your LO and read their signs if they're not interested in potty training. My son is 15 MO and will attempt potty training this month. Good luck. We are going to use method.

Heather B 2 likes

Don't use pull ups!!! It's just like a diaper. And have her sit on the potty every 30 minutes until she gets the hang of it.

Anita G 2 likes

3 day potty training is amazing and worked great for both of my daughters. And definitely don't use pull ups they are a huge waste of money and slow down potty training.

Jennifer M 1 like

Good luck with that. I hope she can communicate it to you when she needs to go.

M M 2 likes

I sense some doubt in your child's ability from these comments. In your defense I will say only you know what your child is capable of. Personally I never had to wean my child off anything. Or get him to eat cereal or foods. He was very laid back and I never had to fight him in any transitioning stage. That doesn't mean I won't. But it certainly seems like just a couple comments think the possibility of you being successful is a joke. PROVE EM WRONG MOMMA. Update us with your progress.

Kristina F 2 likes

Thank you all. She doesn't use pacifiers since she was 2 months old. She hates them. And has recently stopped sucking thumb. She has advanced early for all her stages & her dr are surprised since she's so young. She's an easy child so I have no doubt I can accomplish this. Thanks for the helpful comments & those not so positive ones. I wish anyone luck when trying to do stuff. M M thanks for positive feedback & I wish you luck also. I'll keep updates & I hope you do same.

Alice W 3 likes

Every child is different. Some develop sooner then others. Good luck on ur journey. I think moms always want to think their own children are the standard and this is not always the case. So if it happens for u, great!

Brianna B 2 likes

There's a book called Potty Training in less than a day. This worked great for my aunt with her daughter. I tried to potty train my son early but just found myself getting frustrated because he wasn't ready and didn't want to learn. So I let him do it when he was ready. One day he just came up to me and said he wanted to pee on the potty and from then on he has maybe one accident. He is 2 1/2. I would try the book but I honestly think that if kids aren't ready then their not going to do it.

Paige H 1 like

You could change her in the bathroom and tell her whenever u have to go potty and show her where u go. Thts wat I plan to do, I've heard it works well to get them interested in going on the potty!

Vanessa W 1 like

I wasnt trying to be negative just simply saying 7 months is very young and most kids cant even walk or communicate at that age yet. Again im not trying to discourage its just a fact. Thats awesome if you succeed and if you do pass along your method. But she should master walking, be able to say aloud or communicate that she has to go, be able to stay dry through the night etc... The 3 day method works, if it doesnt then shes just not ready and just wanted you to know its ok theres no rush.

Ashley J 0 likes

My daughter is 10 months and my hubby is ready to potty train but I think we need to wait a few more months. She is already walking all over the place and he thinks she will catch on quickly I am just scared to start to early I have heard starting to early can make it a long process but I don't know I think all kids are different but we will attempt it at 12 months so I wish you luck with your LO and please share if you succeed!

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