My contractions are now 2 mins apart and getting worse! The nurse said to take a bath and see if the contractions go away but they've stayed the same. She said I could be in labor a while since I was only 1 cm and to try to wait but this pain is almost unbearable. Idk whether to go to the hospital or not because idk if it'll be another false alarm! Help?

Jenn and B 3 likes

I would go! If they're getting closer and you can't walk or talk during them, go!

Coryn P 6 likes

If the pain is unbearable, go. I'm NOT trying to scare you, but some women don't dilate. My cousin labored for 15 hours and only dilated 2 and needed a csection.

Lu L 1 like

When I was pregnant my doctor told me to come to the hospital when my contractions are 411. 4 min apart 1 minute long and it's been like that for an hour. I think you should go

Kristina M 1 like

I would go better to be a false alarm than get there too late. Good luck!!

Diana's M 4 likes

Coryn is right, a friend of mine's water didn't even break and she was full on in labor, it came out intact so I would go, better safe than sorry.

Sheila B 4 likes

I was told if I really can't take the pain, to go ahead and go to the hospital. Worse they can do is send you home

Austin S 1 like

My water broke when I was only 1cm and I went to 10cm in 6 hours. You should go in, it can go really fast for some people

Kristina M 1 like

And if thy send you home I wouldn't bother driving home, just walk the halls of the hospital because by the time most people get home they turn right back around to go to the hospital

A V 1 like


Danie M 2 likes

Mine was kinda similar to austins.. I was 4 cm, water broke and was instantly 10 cm and ready to push.. You should go in

BoyMom 2 likes

If they're 2 mins apart and unbearable it's time to go in. Worst they can do is say you're not ready yet. Then just stay at the hospital and walk and walk and walk to help you dilate.

K P 2 likes

I'm going in right now! I was just hesitant because I'm only 1 cm but I couldn't imagine waiting for these contractions to get worse. ๐Ÿ˜“ I really hope this time is the real deal! Idk how people have more than one child! Strong moms! Lol

Tara M 1 like

Go back in. They need to monitor you. You could be progressing and they need to check, if nothing else they can give you something for pain. It sounds like you are in active labor though, so I wouldn't wait!

BoyMom 1 like

Take one contraction at a time and take deep breaths through them... You can do this!!!

Rola W 0 likes

Go innn

Haley B 1 like

Go in ! I felt the same and my husband told me to! & I was in labour !

Wallaby M 1 like

I went from 1 to 10 and five hours! And the last 5 to 10 was within like half an hour. At two minutes apart you should be there!

Keri P 1 like

Omg I wouldnt have been able to type at 2 min apart...

Mommy Of T 1 like

GO!! I was the same with my first and the nurses kept telling me to wait awhile before going to the hospital so when I did get there I was 8cm and just the day before I was 1cm

Jenn and B 1 like

My water broke at a half centimeter and they had to help me dilate.

Charlottes M 1 like

Worse case they send you home.. Good luck!

Jenn and B 0 likes

So what happened?!

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