My baby just woke up screaming so I went in a soothed her but didn't pick her up because we're trying the self sooth method. I set a timer for every 15 minutes but it's killing me to hear her cry. Am I right in doing this?

Karen S 4 likes

If this is killing you then don't do it!!! Enjoy your child because they grow too fast! ā¤ļøšŸ˜‹šŸ˜˜

Mommy L 1 like

If she's screaming get her. If she's crying like a little cry it's ok to let her CIO for 15 min.

Carrie W 0 likes

How old is your baby?

Coryn P 8 likes

You're allowed to go check on her. We tried CIO for like one night and when she woke up screaming I just tried to let her self soothe. When she started gagging I went in and checked and she had her leg stuck in the bars of the crib. All the way up to her thigh. It was horrible. My husband was at work and I called him in hysterics so he came rushing home. I got her out and he found us sitting on the floor of her room both sobbing uncontrollably. That was the last time I ever let her cry alone.

Brittany H 3 likes

I tried cry it out for two months and she never stopped crying so I went back to cosleeping after I took bottles at 12 months. Good luck to you. Do what feels right to you. To me it feels better to sleep with my child then leave her alone to cry. I get a lot of crap for it but I know my child best and so do you. :)

Megan S 1 like

Aww no! We have mesh bumpers so she wouldn't do that. But I know she's just crying cuz I'm not in there but I go in every 15 till she goes.

Coryn P 1 like

Yes after that we got bumpers haha. FTM over here, can you tell?

Megan S 2 likes

Haha that's me too! I cry when she does. I can't help it. But we were swaddling and holding her and feeding her to sleep. And she's about 7 months old and I love her to death but I don't want to be feeding her to sleep till she's a toddler.

Coryn P 0 likes

Yeah that can be hard to break. There are other sleep training methods, just google it :) Or go to your local book store and find a book on one that you feel more comfortable with.

Kara M 0 likes

I was told that very young babies cannot self soothe for at least a few months. I have a 3 wk old and was told not to let him cry for more than about 5 min before an intervention. It all depends how old your baby is.

Megan S 0 likes

What did you end up doing?

Melissa C 1 like

Honestly don't feel like you need to let her cry . Yes self soothed is important but we live in such a judgmental society that if we don't do this or that people are like "omg" your a bad parent but follow your instincts . If she's crying and it's killing you than pick her up she needs cuddles , and to not associate that this world she is all alone.

Nikki 2 likes

I love co sleeping with my lo. I don't feel we have to do what everyone tells us to do lol do what you think is best. Best of luck doll

Wendy B 0 likes

You can get through it, but i suggest you don't let more then 10 min pass before checking on her. 5min is best. Stay strong you can do this, and she will be just fine :)

Jennifer M 0 likes

I still feed mine to sleep.. Only bedtime though and we've incorporated a book as well to transition out the bottle..

Nata C 1 like

I can't do it. He would scream for hours. I don't believe in cio. Don't feel comfortable when ur baby is screaming ... Don't let him! He needs you, his mommy!

Deborah T 0 likes

Yes..if you don't let them self soothe babies are very likely to be makes them demanding and you have to go with whatever they's really hard but tough love is the best for some statistics whenever you're in doubt!;-)

Adriane K 0 likes

My LO was a horrible sleeper he woke up like every hour and on day 2 of CIO he was sleeping through the night! It's perfect because now we're all getting sleep and today on day 3 he didn't even cry when we put him to bed awake he just drifted off! It's hard I wouldn't have been able to do it without my husband but it's so worth it.

Erica A 0 likes

Go with your gut. I was really nervous about sleep training or the cry it out and kept putting it off. Then I thought to myself "I'm just going to give him some time. He'll eventually sleep through the night" and guess what? He did! It took a bit longer than "the experts" tell you it should but my intuition just told me crying it out was not in the cards for us. And I am glad I went with my gut. Do what you think is best for you and your babe. Good luck!

Jen M 1 like

I did 5min intervals starting at 2 months old... Went in at 5min, gave cuddles and kisses put on back to sleep. Waited 10 minutes for cries to stop and did it again. Then 15.Then 20. If by then he wasn't Asleep I fed him (as almost an hour has went by) and played with him then tried again after an hour or two..Trying to get them to go down is not mean! "Give them the gift of sleep" they will cry it out for a few days or weeks but then they will associate their crib with sleep and not fight it

Sarah R 1 like

I would say never do something out of fear. Do it for other reasons but not of fear. If u want to do self soothe bc it's important to U then cool. But not bc your scared U will be feeding her at night when she's a toddler. Do what u feel is right in your gut. I love when my little girl still wakes up and needs me to soothe her, those moments are precious , and she knows mommy is there for her even if she can't verbally tell me what I'm there for! Enjoy ur baby , they grow so fast

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