My LO is teething (I think) and it's breaking my heart not being able to make him feel better. He has a slight fever and diarrhea. He's hardly eaten at all today and the poor baby is acting constipated even though he's pooped. He won't stop screaming. I gave him some Tylenol and he will fall asleep for about 20 minutes and then he's up screaming again. Anything else to try (other than all the snuggles)?

Rocio M 2 likes

Gripe water?or 5 teaspoons of chamomile tea

Carissa O 1 like

I second gripe water. Try teething tablets, also.

Carrie R 1 like

Do you nurse? With all my kiddos, nursing was the answer..but that is very much like all night snuggles! Lol! Try a cool teething ring also. Sometimes that helps.

Kel F 1 like

When a baby is teething it's all about distractions and keeping their mind off of what's going on. Though at night this can be quite a task but during the day just keep baby busy and focused on other things but if baby is just constantly in pain and nothing makes baby feel better it may be something else. But yet again all babies are different and mommy knows best so just keep a watch for signs that it may not be teething

Michelle L 0 likes

Boiron Camilia Teething Relief, 30 Count (0.034 fl oz each)

MomOfTwo B 0 likes

I'm told Motrin works better for teething than Tylenol. As for tips, my 16 mo still has a hard time eating and sleeping while teething. Try a wet wash cloth in the fridge to chew on. My LO likes Popsicles sometimes to help. I did teething tablets and they worked wonders until I read that the hylands tablets cause seizures. Not worth it. So sometimes I just gotta stick it out and hope the tooth comes in soon. Good luck!

Ronald F 0 likes

Ok I know this is going to sound crazy! But when each of my babies turned 3 months old my mom would bring me fresh (never being refrigerated or washed) chicken eggs she made me write the babies name all over it and bury it by the front door steps. It an Old wives tale to prevent babies from having teething pain. I don't know if it worked or if I was just lucky but none of my four kids had any teething pain whatsoever!

R E O 1 like

Pinterest has some homeopathic recipes listed, amber beads might help too. I used baby ora-gel with my 2 oldest. You might try freezing a damp baby washcloth; just wet it, tie a tight knot in it, freeze it or at least let it get cold, then let baby chew on it; it really worked for us. Good luck & prayers for you both!

Yuliana O 1 like

Have you tried Hylands tablets and cream? It's all natural and chamomile is incredibly calming, all 3 kids loved it.

Yuliana O 1 like

Sorry wrong post lol

Melissa K 0 likes

Sounds like he might have a bit of a stomach bug instead of teething. I'd call your Peds nurse line just to rule out!

Carrie W 0 likes

Alternate Tylenol and Motrin

Katie S 1 like

Hylands teething tablet and/gel! Fantastic and soothes the pain. Tylenol works too! My son liked cool things (wet/frozen wash clothes or tethers to gnaw on). He was a big fan of Popsicles and seemed to relieve the itchy pain.

Marie M 1 like

Teething tablets are a life saver!

Perfectly M 0 likes

At this point I would call the doctor, just to get a second opinion.

Millie B 1 like

I'm going through the same thing :/ it's miserable

Katy A 1 like

Fever and diarrhea are not signs of teething I'd bring him to the doctor

Rocio M 1 like

My mom started using frozen carrots and it helped so much Santiago loves it!! You can also make Popsicles from your breastmilk

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