My baby is still miserable from her 1 yr shots yesterday and feverish. Not sure I'm giving her enough Tylenol. How much do you give a 1yo 20.5lb baby?

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Tylenol is a no no with shots. It makes their immune systems fight harder. I encourage an epsom salt bath & tomorrow apply some essential oils. Do you have any EO?

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Here's a chart for you. Proper dosage for your kiddo would be 3.75mL Peanut is probably just feeling yucky and achy. Tylenol will definitely help and since your kiddo is one, you could also give motrin as well if needed.

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Here's the dosage chart for motrin as well. Just make sure to check the concentration. I have never heard of motrin or Tylenol making a kids immune system fight harder after vaccines. Our pediatrician recommends giving Tylenol or motrin as needed for 2-4 days after shots for pain relief and for any fever. There is no reason at all to let your kiddo suffer. I hope this helps you out and I hope your little one feels better soon!

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Ashley Martinez thanks for the chart! It broke my heart to see her suffer! All she wanted was to lay on my chest when she is usually playful and all over the house! Her doctor also suggested Tylenol if she had a fever (it was 101.5 before bed tonight).

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Tylenol interfers with vaccines.

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