Hi mommas please help my LO is soo gassy. Everytime she eats and I EBF this happens. I've tried gas drops, gripe water, colic calm and nothing is working. Her baby acne is bad too and she's snotty ... Is it maybe an allergy to something I'm eating? I've cut out dairy, went way back on fruit and the green leafy vegetables. She's literally writhing and wiggling in what appears to be pain bc she's crying. Do I attempt to go to formula ? Please help

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Camomile tea?

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U can continue breastfeed but u should figure out the reason r u eat spicy food , garlic , cabbage , lentils , nuts , cauliflower , chocolate ? All of these get your baby gassy if u don't try anise or funnel seeds I don't know how old is your Lo massage baby belly and hold baby legs 3 to 5 times to his belly it help too

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I had this problem and what I did was write down everything I ate, and started to see a pattern in when she was extremely fussy and what I had eaten that day.

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Are you eating any sweets? That can cause baby gas too. It sounds like you've cut out the right thing like dairy and green veggies. Make sure your still eating some for babies growth though. My lo had the same problem. I finally started a gluten free diet and he no longer has problems. I would try that of u can, plus it helps u shed a few lbs too

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My daughter had really bad baby acne when I was breastfeeding. I was always eating onions lol. It is probably something you are eating because when I stopped eating so many onions she cleared up. As for the gas I would try laying her over your leg and patting her back. Or lay her on her back and lightly pull her legs up and down.

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Windi by fridababy

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Gas drops usually works for my LO when she has serious gas. Maybe it's something else? And honestly, LO will get use to what you're eating. It's like you're introducing it to them and their body learns to tolerate it. My LO had diarrhea for a few days straight I haven't changed anything in my diet and she's been doing just fine. But all babies are different, I hope you figure it out and LO start feeling better, good luck mama!

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Could she have acid reflux too? Colic Calm worked for us but my LO also has acid reflux. It can cause pain as well. I would ask your pediatrician about everything going on. Hope your LO feels better!

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My LO is 6 months and always been gassy . I think the only thing that truly works is time. You could try massage or probiotics. Those helped us the most.

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Does she do it everyday or some days ? Try to see what days and even and trace back and see what you ate that day. Or maybe they can take an allergy testing , how old is UR baby??

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My baby is 4 weeks and this is all new within 4 days

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How do I know if she has acid reflux?

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If she spitting up a lot n drink more than usual n get fussy after feeding

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