My baby is just about 1 month old and will ONLY sleep if I'm holding her. Any tips on getting her to let me put her down? Help!!

Keryn L 0 likes

Having this problem too! Help! X

Marissa M 0 likes

Do you have a swing? You can try putting her in a swing or rock and play and use an article of your clothing as a blanket so she smells you. Otherwise it's totally normal and ok... Enjoy this time :)

Baby M 0 likes

White noise helps

Crystal R 0 likes

Swaddle and white noise

Kalie B 1 like

Swaddling helps

Maria B 0 likes

What i used to do with mine is that the shirt you're wearing take it off wrap the baby on it and he or she is going to feel that you are hugging him/her because of the smell

K N 0 likes

Use a warm pack to warm up her crib or wherever you are trying to put her down. Putting a previously worn shirt or something that smells like you nearby (at a safe distance obviously) can help too

Lexi K 1 like

I would definitely do swaddling or any kind of music, and the advice no mom wants to hear, lol, sometimes you gotta just let them cry it out. Go in at 5 minute intervals, soothe them, then go back out and each time I would add 5 mins so that away they know you're coming back. It sucks to hear your little one cry, but my son is 14 months now and has slept in his crib since he was about 3 weeks old, lol. I know it's frustrating, but you're doing great!

Jessica W 0 likes

Get a rock n play. They are great.

Melinda M 0 likes

I had to put my son in something that moved or vibrated. His swing was the best.

Sheila B 0 likes

My daughter was the same way and nothing worked until I got a swing. She loved it and would fall asleep in it no problem. After a while I was able to put her down for a nap in our bed and she would sleep in her bassinet at night.

Brittany L 1 like

I would say swaddling or some type of white noise

K W 1 like

Swaddling. It was my lifesaver. They may seem to hate it at first but keep trying. At 8 months old my daughter still gets swaddled when she is not feeling well or upset.

Savannah L 0 likes

I had that probably at first. I would put a blanket in the drier a few minutes before bedtime or stand by her with my hand on her chest. Usually helped.

Mandy A 0 likes

Thanks everyone!

Keryn L 0 likes

Yey! I used white noise and swaddled and she slept for 4 hours xx

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