My baby is going for her two month appointment today. That means shots, shots, and more shots. Any advice is welcomed. I am not a medicine taker and I feel horrible pimping her full of all these vaccinations. I have also heard to rub Vic's vapor rub on her thighs to numb the area of entry. Any other helpful tips?

Keri V 6 likes

I would feel even worse if I was pimping her out. I meant "pumping." :)

Vanessa B 5 likes

The crying is inevitable 😞 but I always nursed or brought a bottle for afterwards and it helped to calm my daughter down quickly.

Paula B 5 likes

Idk if I'd do the Vic's thing because it might sting more if it gets into the injection site. But like Vanessa said nurse or bring a bottle. Talk soothingly while vaccines are being administered. It's better to vaccinate then the alternative. There's lots of old diseases circulating right now because people choose not to vaccinate. So just remember your doing something to protect against those diseases.

Keri V 0 likes

Thank you Vanessa. I will bring a bottle. That is helpful. Did your baby get sick after the appointment?

Riley W 3 likes

Keep a check on temperature afterwards make sure u have some Tylenol or Motrin an u know what dosage to give based on ur child's weight

Kelsey R 5 likes

No Vic's. That burns. Just cuddle her when you get home. They cry hard when it happens, but completely forget about it minutes after.

Karina M 2 likes

I brought her favourite toy at the time, held her, and fed her. I'd bring her own blanket for comfort and to keep her warm after the vaccines as she calms down. When she is calm, then dress her back up. I always felt terrible about them having them wait naked until the vaccines. If it was a onesie, I could only put the top portion back on, but exposed legs, poor things.

Karina M 2 likes

My girl had slight (very low) fevers a couple of times after vaccines but not every time. Although she was fussier than usual on vaccine days, and I'd give her something for the pain afterwards, and hold her more those days too.

Keri V 1 like

Thank you everyone! All your comments are so helpful. :)

Carrie C 1 like

Mine calmed down right after with a bottle but then about an hour or so later she woke up from a nap just screaming and her little thick was red and swollen and she didn't want is touching her leg. Dr said to do infant Tylenol and a cold compress. She was fine after that. Going for the next set of shots tomorrow and will have the Tylenol ready!

Vanessa S 1 like

No Motrin. Baby is too young. Not until 6 months. My little guy just cried a little, I nursed him and he was soothed and fell asleep. That evening he cried and was clingy, but I just cuddled him and let him know mama was there for him. He recently had his 4 month shots and he did get a fever. I gave him a dose of infants Tylenol & the fever went down, but he was still clingy/cranky. Just try to comfort them, and go as little of the medication all interventions as much as you can.

Jen L 1 like

My doctor recommended we give meds for pain/fever a couple hours beforehand and then for the rest of that day. You can ask which you should give based on age. I'd be very careful with the dosages with such a little one. It does help though.

Amber B 1 like

I hate taking my two little ones for vaccines putting a bunch of crap in their bodies but I'd also hate it if my kids got really sick from something and I didn't vaccinate them. Always bring a bottle.

Elaine M 1 like

She still young so odds are she'll fall asleep right after. Maybe small ice packs on injection sites. Definitely have Tylenol on hand. She will be ok. Lots of cuddles! Good luck mommy!

Kendra R 1 like

My girls at that age really enjoyed a warm soak that night we didn't really wash them just let them soak. They were a little fussy but not terrible. We haven't needed meds yet for fever or fussy but I always have them. And the bottle is great advise too!!

Rachel V 1 like

My son was inconsolable for hours after his 2 month shots, and he NEVER cries like that. He didn't want to BF and obviously wouldn't nap. A warm bath did help temporarily, until we took him out. I was waiting for a fever so I didn't immediately give him Tylenol...big mistake! When he goes for his 4 month shots in 2 weeks, I'm going to dose him prior to his appointment so it's already at work in his system.

Kristia R 1 like

I held and nursed my son during his vaccinations--it helped a lot. I also gave him a dose of Tylenol right after the shots. I was the same as you--I believe in vaccinating, but the thought of injecting my baby with all those meds made my stomach turn. I just kept reminding myself that this was the best thing for him.

J S 2 likes

Don't leave the band aids on too long afterward. If there is a little swelling, the adhesive can pull and make it hurt worse for baby.

Kendra R 1 like

Keri how did it go? Everyone doing ok ?

Keri V 0 likes

Hi! It went well, thanks for asking. The bottle trick really helped. She of course screamed when they gave her the shots but after the bottle she slept for almost 5 hours. I then gave her a warm bath that she enjoyed. Later in the evening she did come down with a fever so we gave her a little Tylenol which seemed to help. She slept all night and is just waking up. I'm still waiting to see if she woke up fussy bc she is hungry or not feeling well. Thank you for all the advice. :)

Kendra R 0 likes

So glad!! I feel like those first might hurt mom ever more. Sounds like it went perfect as possible. Hope she's a happy camper today.

Keri V 0 likes

Thanks Kendra! I just downloaded this app yesterday. It is so awesome to have a support group. We are all in this together!!! :) :)

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